A nucleic acid inhibitor is a type of antibacterial that acts by ..

Which of the following drugs inhibits nucleic acid synthesis specifically in ..


Disruption of DNA function
There are 2 types:
DNA Gyrase
Topoisomerse IV (aka Topo IV)
DNA Gyrase
Function: Winds and Unwinds DNA
Topoisomerse IV (Topo IV)
Function: Decatenates (unties) two circular chromosomes after replication
Mechanism of resistance:
Mutation in the DNA gyrase/topo IV enzymes, alter binding affinity
Plasmid mediated resitance (qnr gene)
qepAgene (efflux pump)
AAC(6')-lb-crgene--> enzymes that will deactivate the drugs.

MOA: inhibition of Dihydropteroate syntheses
Over view: inhibit the synthesis of nucleotides of DNA

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The normal substrate can not displace the drug from this site and can not interact with the active either since the shape of the enzyme has been altered. Among the many types of drugs that act as enzyme inhibitors the following may be included: antibiotics, acetylchlolinesterase agents, certain antidepressants such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors and some diuretics. b) Suppression of Gene Function: Many drugs act as suppressors of gene function including antibiotics, fungicides, antimalarials and antivirals. Gene function may be suppressed in several steps of protein synthesis or inhibition of nucleic acid biosynthesis.

Nalidixic acid and Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics used to inhibit bacterial.A nucleic acid inhibitor is a type of antibacterial that acts by inhibiting the production of nucleic acids.