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Little is known about the effects of different prosthetic components and systems on patient satisfaction with prostheses. Effortless donning and doffing does appear to have a positive effect on satisfaction with a prosthesis [6]. The participants of this study were mainly dissatisfied with the Seal-In X5 in terms of donning and doffing and many of them specified that donning and doffing was significantly easier with the Dermo liner than with the Seal-In X5 liner. As such, the subjects stated a preference for this suspension system over the Seal-In X5 liner for long-term use.

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Prosthetic satisfaction is an issue influenced by several factors. Prosthetic users require more time and energy to don and doff the Seal-In X5 liner [16,18]. They also need lubricant sprays to facilitate donning. Moreover, hand dexterity is more critical for donning and doffing a Seal-InX5 liner than for the Dermo liner. All locking liners usually have an umbrella-shaped feature at the distal part that is connected distally to a pin. Weight bearing during ambulation over this rigid and small pin may result in pain at the distal end of the residual limb [31].

Both the OC1560=TR and OC1560=TH are made of a lightweight, machine washable material that reduces limb pain and physical strain when donning the prosthesis.