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Pigment cells migrate to the inner ear too (cochlea and striavascularis), where they play an undefined but essential role inmaintaining hearing. If the inner ear does not have pigment cells,the individual may be deaf.

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However, once mRNA is produced, it leaves the nucleus and protein synthesis – translation – occurs in the cytoplasm. Thus transcription and translation are separated both in space within the cell and in time, in that one occurs after the other, as shown schematically in Figure 11.8. Thus the role of mRNA is to carry a coded message from the nucleus where the information is stored, to the cytoplasm where the coded message is translated into a specific protein; hence it’s name – RNA.

These aren't the only roles of the Kit protein, however. Kit isalso used in intestinal contractions: Special cells in the intestinewall, called intersticial cells of Cajal (ICC) generate electricalslow waves in the gastrointestinal tract. These slow waves regulatethe frequency of intestinal muscle contractions, so ICC are criticalfor normal motility of the small intestine. ICC synthesize Kit, theproduct of c-kit. Rats with the white spotting mutation don't produceKit in their intestines, and don't show electrical slow waves. Thisresults in abnormal contraction and megacolon (Takeda et al.2001).