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The programme is split into a two-year master's and a three-year doctoral programme.

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Students who apply to the doctoral programme come before a jury that takes in account their grades, the quality of their master's dissertation and the candidate's capacity to commit to a research project. The doctoral programme is open not only to students who have followed the initial Sciences Po programme but also to those with master's degrees from another French or foreign establishment. However, it may be required of students who have not taken Science's Po's political science course to follow some basic or specialised classes that the jury deems necessary before beginning their doctoral research.

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To choose a thesis supervisor, candidates are asked to get in touch with a member of the teaching staff and/or one of the members of Sciences Po's laboratories; in International Relations: the or the .

During the three-year thesis period, doctoral students are supervised by a thesis supervisor and are integrated in one of Sciences Po's research laboratories: the or the . Doctoral students must also take at least three doctoral seminars one of which must be outside the programme of their chosen option.

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As of academic year 2017/2018 the doctoral programme of International Relations offers one Ph.D. position with a top-up scholarship of 10 000,- Kč/month for student admitted to the full-time study on the basis of of a research project from the area of Economic and Financial Threat Domain. The Scholarship is generously funded by Prague Security Studies Institute. The recipient of the scholarship should

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· be admitted to study in Ph.D. Programme of International Relations with research project from the area economic and financial threats by state actors;

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The London School of Economics and Political Science offers an online Ph.D. in international history. This is a prestigious program that requires rigorous scholarly work from its students. Students will perform research on foreign languages and will attend seminars at the Institute for Historical Research and special research seminars. In addition to extensive research training, this program will train students in foreign languages and computing. The website for the department is .

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On the internal pages for doctoral students you can find syllabi, forms, information about courses and graduate schools, PhD regulations and more.

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Most major universities have history departments offering bachelorís and doctoral degrees. An overview of some of the top-ranked doctoral history programs is given below.

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The University of Pennsylvaniaís doctoral history program is a small program with an impressive reputation of excellence and in placement of students in employment after graduation. It requires students to complete sixty credits over the course of three years, divided up by twenty credits each.