Q: Will people be able to tell that I am wearing a prosthesis?

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This link takes you to #1 of 60, from which you can play them straight through. This one relates to body posture to counter hypotonicity (air coming through, little sound) with the patient using a TE prosthesis:

Q: Where do I go to be fitted for a prosthesis and a post-mastectomy bra?

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3. I found one of the small t-handle insertion tools for a TEP prosthesis works real well for a quick cleaning. It even has a built in stop, I carry one in my wallet for those times I suddenly can’t talk. If you have one in a size that matches your prosthesis, give a try. (Bill Parks)

A: No. With a proper fit, no one will be able to tell you are wearing a prosthesis.

The earlier a prosthesis is fitted, the better. One of the most difficult problems facing a new amputee is edema, or swelling of the residual limb. The care you give your residual limb initially will directly affect your success with your new prosthesis.

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This advice is especially important for those who are still in the early months (or years) after surgery. It is very important too to make sure you are measured from time to time for the correct size of prostheses as the puncture can (and frequently does) change over time. Even a completely new TEP will leak if it is not a proper fit. In my own case I have had very different intervals between changes - ranging from just two months (in one case) to a more satisfactory nine to twelve months which is my norm in more recent times.

Doctor Develops a New Prosthetic for Amputees

Your prosthetist along with your doctor and occupational therapist will help you through the following steps to return to an active lifestyle with your new prosthesis.

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A: Always check first, as this will vary with the type of breast prosthesis and by the manufacturer. However, most breast prostheses have a two-year warranty.

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A: There is some variance among insurance companies regarding coverage of prosthetic devices and mastectomy bras. Medicare, and some other insurance plans, will pay for one breast prosthesis per year. Most insurance companies will cover 2 to 4 mastectomy bras per year, provided that you submit a prescription from your physician.

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1. If you swallow and a drop or two leaks through the prosthesis, first you cough, than try this! Occasionally, food gets at the edge of the valve of the prosthesis and holds it open just enough that taking a drink will allow liquid to run into the trachea. This can cause spasms of coughing so you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. To check to see if this is the problem, I lean over so the water doesn't run down my trachea, use a light and mirror and sip a little water. Then I watch to see if it is dripping through the middle of the prosthesis. If it is, then a good flushing or cleaning should remove the food that has it blocked. I would clean with a brush (see hint above) and flush with the syringe/pipet. Drink some water and check it again. That should correct it, but, if you still have a leak, repeat the cleaning and flushing.

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