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How does light intensity and duration affect the rate of photosynthesis?

Do all plants use photosynthesis?

Today in North Georgia I saw one of the weirdest sights I’ve ever seen. The day started out sunny with blue skies. Temps by mid-morning around 50 degrees or so. During the noontime hour they were spraying the skies with the trails fairly heavily. Coming home from an outing at 4:30pm the sun became covered over with the horrible opaque mess that we are all now too familiar with seeing- BUT to either side of the glowing mass behind the shroud of particulates appeared a rainbow looking sundog equidistant from both the left(southward)and the right(northward)of the center point of the sun. It felt to me quite a bit colder than it had been (like the refrigerator door opening feeling the cooler air sensation we have all come to recognize-at least for those of us who are awake to what is happening), and I believe they were likely spraying the chemicals which cause the artificial endothermic reaction since today they have now abruptly changed the weather forecast for the next week from unusually warm for the Christmas week to a potentially turbulent rain event Dec. 23rd then possibly changing over to snow Dec. 24th. Voila!!.. A White Christmas for North Georgia. Let’s see what happens here folks!

Does this connect to Jade Helm 15 ???? And what can we do to stop this madness??

Does C 4 Photosynthesis Occur in Wheat Seeds

Raising earthworms is an interesting activity for children in elementary and junior highschool. For people who own amphibians, it is an important source of food. Making such afarm is very easy. You have to simply make a heap of soil and mix some cut grass and otherkitchen vegetable scraps and fruit. This culture does not need special care, except forkeeping it humid, watering at least every two days in summer. Once in a while, add othervegetable waste and every two weeks mix the heap with a shovel. You can observeearthworms' digestive and circulatory systems by dissecting them.
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If placed in a suitable nutrient environment, cells and tissues of many organisms are ableto reproduce and form new plants or animals. Now, we will deal with vegetable tissues,whose culture is simpler than that of animal cellules and tissues. It is necessary toprepare a nutritive and sterilized culture medium for the piece of plant tissue. Keep theculture in the suitable conditions of light and temperature and which vary from plant toplant. Over many days, you will observe the growth of a callus or roots or shoots. In thisway you can obtain even whole plants (cloning). These experiments show that special cellskeep all the information necessary to generate the whole plant.
As we have mentioned, it is necessary avoid bacteria and moulds in the cultures. For thisyou will need sterilize tools, vials, tubes, and nutrient medium. Place each in anautoclave for a ten minutes or, lacking an autoclave, a pressure cooker. The tissues aswell have to be free from microorganisms and they have to be sterilized with bleach (40%solution for 15 min) or with alcohol.
The transfer of the tissues into the test tubes has to be made in aseptic conditions,using a sterile box. Lacking that, make your first trials in a quiet place, as devoid ofwind and dust as possible. The culture medium should contain water, vitamins (particularlythose of the B-complex. For this, use yeast extract), sugars, mineral salts. To enrich thewater with mineral salts, boil some water with a handful of soil, then let settle andfilter it. Usually, people also insert 0.5-0.8% of agar-agar to "solidify" themedium. As culture medium, coconut milk has been used. It contains mineral salts, sugars,vitamins and growth hormones.
1 - For yours first tests of micropropagation, use strawberries tissues.
2 - If this simple experiment interests you, you can continue on the way of the invitro culture of vegetable tissues. In fact you can propagate a lot of plants in thisway. Plants easy to culture are the following: tomato, potato, strawberry, chrysanthemum,geranium, sunflower, tobacco, carrot and onion. You can use tissues obtained from seeds,such as the embryo, but you can use also tissues taken from adult plants, such as tissuesof roots, stems, apical buds, shoots, leaves, even single cells. Each plant and tissue hasits own needs. They are different from each other. You can try the influence of thevegetable hormones, special nutrients, etc.
This field is very broad and complex so, if you are interested in continuing with theseexperiments, you can buy special books and you should build a sterile box.
Plant Tissue Culture for the Gardener
Basic Principle in Plant Tissue Culture Technique
Plant Tissue Culture Kit Manual
Plant Micropropagation Using African Violet Leaves
Plant Tissue Culture (links)
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A seed cannot carry out photosynthesis ..

Plants form a kingdom which includes groups that reproduce by spores, such as mosses and ferns, and groups that reproduce by seeds, such as conifers and flowering plants. Plants get their energy through photosynthesis, using sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar and releasing oxygen as a by-product - perhaps the most important biological process on Earth.

Photosynthesis uses light to ..

Photosynthesis, plants do this, your cannabis do this. Every PLANT on earth does this! So what is photosynthesis and how do this work with our beloved cannabis plants? Photosynthesis in science class clearly says that this is a process in which green plants especially the leaves use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and H2O. Photosynthesis generally involves the green pigment which is called chlorophyll and generates as a byproduct. Okay kids science class is over! So what does photosynthesis do to my plant?

photosynthesis and respiration in germinating and ..

Your cannabis would need the continuous light for until your precious little one reaches 3-4 weeks old, at this stage your plant enters the “flowering stage” this stage means that your plant would need to sleep in order to have the strength to produce the flower, but at this time your plant growing life would be at its prime. So it really doesn’t mean that jamming your plant with 24 hours of light per day would pump up its growth a thousand times. We also need to make room for the plant to grow naturally, that time would be on the flowering stage.

Photosynthesis - Growing Marijuana

Anyhow I almost forgot on what lights you need to use during this stages of your plants growing stage. Keep in mind to use the blue spectrum lighting throughout your vegetative stage, so that a little tiny plant for 3-4weeks. So that’s blue spectrum lighting 24/7 until the 3rd or 4th week. When you reach the flowering stage, change your lighting to Red until your plant is ready to give its first bud.