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Protein Synthesis is the process of constructing proteins from the DNA code.

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1. Along with your unit test on the DNA unit, include the "practical" test supplement, requiring students to decipher a short DNA message during a test. Provide the (including tRNA Dictinary), the special answer sheet, and a unique word for each student (on little slips of paper, which you can prepare from the sample sentences provided, or use the 33 3-letter provided (along with a for you to use in grading the test.).. Insist that each step be shown and the molecules involved be labeled (DNA, mRNA, tRNA, "protein" (as the "meaningful amino acid sequence"). Include completeness and accuracy in showing these steps and labels in your grading.

The Central dogma is when DNA turns into RNA and that RNA goes into proteins so that it could make a trait.

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I can develop a cause and effect model relating to the structure of DNA to the functions of replication and protein synthesis
DNA replication is how we make more DNA.

force it to produce more viruses through DNA replication and protein synthesis.

functional proteins
are what physically shows or the phenotype or thetrait of an organism.
If I had the
the RNA strand - UCGAAGAAU and the
then my amino acid equence would be cys-phe-leu
I can explain how an amino acid sequence forms a protein that leads to a particular function and phenotype in an organism
I can explain how mutations in DNA that result from interactions with the environment
chart is used to determine the amino acid sequence
I can understand that mutations are changes in DNA coding can be deletions, additions, or substitutions, Mutations can random and spontaneous or caused by radiation and/or chemical exposure.
I can develop a cause and effect model in order to describe how mutations change amino acid sequence, protein function, and phenotype
are changes to the DNA sequence caused by random mistakes or
or chemicals from the environment if the DNA changes, then the mRNA sequenceand the amino acid sequence will be changed, and the resulting protein and phenotype will be altered.
genetic mutations affect one gene, one protein, one trait.

functions of replication and protein synthesis DNA replication is how we make more ..