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T1 - Mechanism of Concerted RNA-DNA Primer Synthesis by the Human Primosome

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4. The gap is filled by a DNA polymerase which uses an Okazaki fragment as a primer.

Dynamic assembly of primers on nucleic acid templates

2. DNA polymerase then incorporates a dNMP onto the 3" end of the primer and initiates lagging strand synthesis. The polymerase extends the primer for about 1,000 nucleotides until it comes in contact with the 5' end of the preceding primer. These short segments of RNA/DNA are known as Okazaki fragments.

Primase: synthesize the RNA primers required for initiating leading and lagging strand synthesis.

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DNA Polymerase: recognizes the RNA primers and extends them in the 5' to 3' direction.

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The enzyme that synthesizes DNA, DNA polymerase, can only add nucleotides to an already existing strand or primer of DNA or RNA that is base paired with the template.

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An enzyme, DNA polymerase, is required for the covalent joining of the incoming nucleotide to the primer. To actually initiate and sustain DNA replication requires many other proteins and enzymes which assemble into a large complex called a replisome. It is thought that the DNA is spooled through the replisome and replicated as it passes through.

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The major catalytic step of DNA synthesis is shown below. Notice that DNA synthesis always occurs in a 5' to 3' direction and that the incoming nucleotide first base pairs with the template and is then linked to the nucleotide on the primer.

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Since all known DNA polymerases can synthesize only in a 5' to 3' direction a problem arises in trying to replicate the two strands of DNA at the fork.

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Ribonucleoside triphosphates (NTP's) are also required to initiate and sustain DNA synthesis. NTP's are used in the synthesis of RNA primers and ATP is used as an energy source for some of the enzymes needed to initiate and sustain DNA synthesis at the replication fork.

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The authors note that the detailed studies of the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair pathways were made possible by using site-specifically modified oligonucleotides and that the availability of phosphoramidites to synthesize oligonucleotides with DNA lesions has contributed to the field. They illustrate the article using primarily structural studies in the following examples: