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Why would anyone want to step outside their thought process? Don’t we spend our waking lives traveling down an endless river of thoughts and sensations? Why would anyone want to control the flow? And how is it done? One has to mentally think the words “stop thinking” in order to begin the process of stopping thinking, if that makes any sense. However, it can be done and it has been practiced for thousands of years and is actually the keystone of the Buddhist practice of meditation. There is a way to do it and many methods available. One can read about meditation, even conceptualize it, but this is worthless; basically, it just has to be done and then it begins to work. The result is that one gently removes the thought process from center stage. Thinking is a natural brain process; it really can't be stopped, but central focus can be realigned by developing visceral space awareness: actually, its not that thoughts are set aside but more that awareness develops a new anchor. One is shifting awareness from the realm of the march of time to an awareness of centralized space. In this calm state of spatial centeredness the ego is quieted, thoughts are muted and consciousness is able to access background information here-to-fore inaccessible.

Meditation sessions usually last 35 to 55 minutes while sitting with a straight back, hips rolled forward. Within 15 minutes the experienced practitioner begins to experience a vertical energy field that is centered in the third eye area and extends upward and downward. In time the field begins to coalesce and a sensation of inner space begins to prevail. This is not a visual or auditory sense; it is an entirely new and different sense: space is felt as having its own beingness. In a way space becomes visceral and one becomes part of that solidity that is bonded in stillness. Just as a potter forms a shapeless mass of clay into a tall slender pillar, directed awareness creates a vertical spinal column anchored in space and centered around the spine - being so well defined that one can feel resistance to it when the body moves: visceral space awareness, a central core of silent being. Thoughts are still present but have moved to the periphery like the wind in the trees in the corner of the eye. Cool air reaching into the upper passages of the nasal cavity energizes the base of the brain much in the way a gentle puff of air on an ember causes it to glow and as it travels down the windpipe it empowers and solidifies the central core. This in many ways describes the beginning phases of Tibetan meditation with a focus on space consciousness and universal compassion, . Meditation is the palace of manifest silence and space. As Jack Kerouac describes it: "The silence is so intense that you can hear your own blood roar in your ears but louder than that by far is the mysterious roar which I always identify with the roaring of the diamond wisdom, the mysterious roar of silence itself, which is the great Shhhh reminding you of something you've seemed to have forgotten in the stress of your days since birth."

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XNZ -----Grist Mill Museum Library
XOA -----Experimental Observation Amphibian Aircraft
XOB -----Xanopinauta Oro de Brasilia
XOC -----Xterra Owners Club
XOD -----External Object Data
XOE -----Experimental Observation Cessna Aircraft
XOF -----Transmit OFf
XOG -----Expedition Owners Group
XOH -----Experimental Observation Helicopter
XOI -----eXplodes On Impact
XOJ -----Executive Office-Joint Matters
XOK -----Exokernel
XOL -----XML-based Ontology-exchange Language
XOM -----Open(X) Object Management
XON -----Transmitter On
XOO -----Extended Operational Optimisation
XOP -----X-rays Out of Plaster
XOQ -----Example of Order Query
XOR -----eXclusive OR (logic gate)
XOS -----eXperimental Operating System
XOT -----X.25 Over TCP
XOU -----Extra Output Unit
XOV -----Crossover Overview
XOW -----XML Output Writer
XOX -----Noughts and Crosses game (also OXO, XXO)
XOY -----Executive Officer Yeomanry
XOZ -----Extra Output Zero
XPA -----X-band Planar Array
XPB -----Xlib Playback Benchmark
XPC -----eXtended Processing Cabinet
XPD -----Cross Polar Discrimination
XPE -----Extreme Performance Enhancement
XPF -----Explosion-release Factor
XPG -----X.400 Promotion Group
XPH -----Explosion Hazard
XPI -----Extra Paranormal Investigation
XPJ -----Experimental Patrol North American Aircraft
XPK -----External Packer
XPL -----Explosive
XPM -----Cross-Phase Modulation
XPN -----Explosive-Neutralized
XPO -----Explosive-Optimized
XPP -----Express Paid Post
XPQ -----La Managua-Quepos, Costa Rica
XPR -----Ex-Privileges
XPS -----X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
XPT -----Cross Point
XPU -----X-band Pulse Unit
XPV -----Experimental Patrol Lockheed Aircraft
XPW -----Extreme Pro Wrestling
XPX -----Executive Physical Examination
XPY -----Experimental Patrol Consolidated Aircraft
XPZ -----Curriculum and Research Directorate
XQA -----XML Query Algebra
XQB -----Ex-Quarterback
XQC -----X-Ray Quantum Calorimeter
XQD -----Experimental Quality Determination
XQE -----XQuery Engine
XQF -----Express Quick Form
XQG -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College Library
XQH -----Excess Quantity Holdover
XQI -----XML Query Interface
XQJ -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College at Jackson Library
XQK -----Expansion of Quadratic Kernal
XQL -----XML Query Language
XQM -----Xmail Queue Manager
XQN -----XML Qualified Name
XQO -----XML Query Operation
XQP -----Extended QIO Processor
XQQ -----Airway Heights (Washington) Correctional Center Library
XQR -----Extended Query Record
XQS -----Experimental Query System
XQT -----SuperCalc Macro Sheet
XQU -----Unknown Quality Unit
XQV -----eXtra-Quiet Vehicle
XQW -----XML Document Management System
XQX -----XML Relational Database Interface
XQY -----Kettle Falls (Washington) Public Library
XQZ -----Excuse
XRA -----X-Ray Analysis
XRB -----X-Ray Background
XRC -----Extended Remote Collaboration
XRD -----X-Ray Diffraction
XRE -----X-Ray Event
XRF -----X ReFerence (axis reference point)
XRG -----Experimental Reentry Glider
XRH -----X-Ray Hazard
XRI -----X-Ray Image
XRJ -----Extreme Rain Jacket
XRK -----Experimental Transport Kinner Aircraft
XRL -----eXtended Range Lance
XRM -----X-Ray Microanalyser
XRN -----X-window News Reader
XRO -----X-Ray Optics
XRP -----X-Ray Photon
XRQ -----Experimental Transport Fairchild Aircraft
XRR -----X-Ray Reflectometer
XRS -----X-Ray Spectrometer
XRT -----eX RighTs (financial, without rights)
XRU -----X-Ray Unit
XRV -----X-Ray Vector
XRW -----X-Ray Warming
XRX -----X-Ray Experiment
XRY -----X-RaY
XRZ -----Extension of Reconnaissance Zone
XSA -----XML Software Autoupdate
XSB -----X-Sokobon
XSC -----Extensions for Scientific Computation
XSD -----eXtra Space Design
XSE -----Xray Scattering Energy
XSF -----Xavier Science Foundation
XSG -----Experimental Scout-Great Lakes
XSH -----XML Editing Shell
XSI -----Xray Shielding and Insulation
XSJ -----Ex-Society of Jesus
XSK -----Xilinx Student Kit
XSL -----eXstensible Stylesheet Language
XSM -----Xray Stress Management
XSN -----Xtended Stay Network
XSO -----Excess Speed Observed
XSP -----Xylem Sap Potential
XSQ -----eXtreme Spreadsheet Quality methodology
XSR -----Experimental Sports Roadster
XSS -----eXperimental Space Station
XST -----eXiST
XSU -----X-band Satellite Unit
XSV -----Transfer cost System Value
XSW -----X-band antenna SWitch
XSX -----mysterious subversive organisation, meaning not known
XSY -----Extended School Year
XSZ -----Xerox High Technology Company of Shenzhen
XTA -----Experimental Trainer-Air Cooled
XTB -----Experimental Torpedo Boeing Aircraft
XTC -----ie.

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Many biochemistry and molecular biology procedures are now available on theweb. Here is one such reference web site at . Isolation of DNA takes advantage of its different size and solubilityproperties compared to lipids, proteins and smaller biomolecules. The chemical synthesis of nucleic acids is based on the use of phosphoramidites. Thesynthesis of DNA is done in iterative cycles on a solid support. The keyto chemical synthesis is the "blocking" and "unblocking" of reactive groups through the cycle - protectivechemistry: - C5' hydroxyl / DMT (dimethoxy trityl) - N bases / benzoyl (dA and dC) or isobutyryl (dG) - Phosphite group / cyano ethyl The chemical synthesis proceeds from the 3' to 5' direction in an iterativeprocess (detritylation / activation / coupling / capping / and oxidation steps) (see U.

It's a very simple synthesis, so I'd say first year of university