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Development and Test of a Model Linking Servant-Leadership to Occupational Safety

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A case study approach was used to examine the extent to which leaders, staff, and volunteers perceived the characteristics of servant- to exist within a Catholic Charities social service agency.

Since that time over 30 doctoral dissertations have utilized the OLA for studying servant leadership in organizations.

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There are some topics that will be helpful for every student who is pursuing a degree in educational leadership. Those topics are general ones that involve special needs students, working with parents, managing teacher evaluations, and working with community leaders. For students who are interested in working as a dean of students, they should study topics relating to school pride. bullying, and managing student groups. Graduates who are planning on earning even more degrees should look at topics relating to curriculum management, differentiating schools, and maintaining faculty morale. Of course, these topics will need to be narrowed to a dedicated focus.

While not in the scope of this study, the OLA could be used by school leaders to assess their entire organization.

Examined in the review are the importance of servant-, Greenleaf's background, his philosophy, characteristics of servant-leaders, the importance of spirit, and dimensions of personal and aspects of spirit.

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It is hoped that the ongoing study of organizational health through servant-minded leadership will continue to grow and that the OLA will continue to offer a reliable and valid tool for measuring this construct accurately in seeking to answer critical research questions. The abstracts of currently published dissertations and Masters theses are listed below beginning with Dr.

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As for any other thesis, the choice of dissertation topics in leadership also requires you to think critically. While selecting the topic, you need to narrow down your focus on a specific, yet contemporary theme. Since leadership is a wide field, choosing a broad-scope topic will make it problematic for you to justify your hypothesis; you will eventually get confused and will lose your interest. You may also keep in mind a career that you will opt in future while selecting the topic; this will help you in your professional life as well.

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Servant behavior was measured using the portion of the SOLA.

Results of the study indicate that the sample of leaders surveyed in this study may be more spiritual than less spiritual, but with a greater propensity for the correlated variables.

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Choosing appropriate leadership dissertation topics is a critical step of your thesis, since it provides the base upon which your entire career builds up! If you succeed to select a meaningful topic, you will be able to develop a strong article, and consequently, get good grades. Therefore, try to be very keen while finalizing your dissertation topic.

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Servant has been proposed as a viable model for church-related college leaders.

In light of the absence of scholarly research on servant , this study has provided an objective and quantifiable study of servant and job satisfaction at a church-related college.