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An unfalsifiable hypothesis is exactly what it sounds like, a theory that cannot be disproved.

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His book Forbidden Archeology examines many previously ignored examples of artifacts that prove modern man's antiquity far exceeds the age given in accepted chronologies.

Note, though, that some unfalsifiable hypotheses, though they can't be disproved, can still be .

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Like the example above, Reid made an argument, but it was an irrelevant one that said nothing about how right or wrong the strategy is.

This kind of thing happens in cycles, because the majority party is always changing hands.

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis illustrates the stucture of one language strongly affect the world-view of its speakers....

Let it be understood, at the outset, that every proved theoryof science is to be accepted. Only the most intense prejudiceand the maddest folly would lead any one to reject the provedconclusions of science. Moreover, we should examine any new hypothesiswith open minds, to see if it has in it anything truthful, helpfulor advantageous. It should neither be accepted nor rejected simplybecause it is new. But if a theory is evidently or probably untrue,or pernicious, or at all harmful, it is to be rejected and condemned.

Hypothesis: The opening of Festival Place in Basingstoke has had a negative impact on the existing town centre.

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The case study evolved reveals that the hypothesis of organisational change to adopt participatory approach to ensure bureaucracy’s survival is not applicable in GSDA case.

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It will be shown in this book, that a large number of factscan not be reconciled with evolution, especially the evolutionof man thus proving that it can not be a true theory. We reallyhave a right to demand the proof of a theory, and to refuse consentuntil proved. While we are under no obligation to an unproven theory, yet it is the shortest way to settle the matteronce for all, before it has led multitudes more astray, and wreckedthe faith and hopes of the young.

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Prof. H. H. Newman, in his "Readings in Evolution,"p. 57, says, "Reluctant as we may be to admit it, honestycompels the evolutionist to admit that there is no absolute proofof organic evolution." "If all the facts are in accordwith it, and none are found that are incapable of being reconciledwith it, a working hypothesis is said to have been advanced toa proven theory." Note this admission by a leading evolutionist.

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Because the Copernican hypothesis, the true theory of the universe,was opposed and rejected, it does not follow that the evolutionof man is true because it is likewise opposed and rejected. Ifthis new theory, hypothesis, or guess stands, it can only do so,because it harmonizes with all the facts. The law of gravitation,and every other proven theory harmonizes with all the facts andwith all other true theories

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The known location of the hole in the shirt is not consistent with a hypothetical shot from the easternmost sixth–floor window that came out of Kennedy’s throat.

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As an example, I will discuss the issues of research proposal seeking to understand how gentrification is being driven in global Latin American cities.