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A new direct digital frequency synthesizer architecture for mobile transceivers.

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The cpu ISA is:

IIR filters using a parallel, pipelined design
This is closely related to the canonical, direct form II, for an IIR digital filter (Grover and Deller, page 254, figure 6-27).

Design of low-power ROM-less direct digital frequency synthesizer using nonlinear digital-to-analog converter.

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The uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate a 4.5 MHz FM modulated square wave using an audio signal consisting of either a 400 Hz DDS unit or audio from the for modulation.

You can purchase a ZedBoard from for $395, or from for $495 ($319 Academic). A good alternative board for this tutorial is the ZYBO board (also from Digilent). It is $189 ($125 Academic). The main difference between the boards is that the ZedBoard has an FMC expansion connector and a more powerful FPGA. This tutorial will also uses two Digilent Pmod boards. The rotary encoder and the seven segment display.

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11, NOVEMBER 2006 Direct Digital-Frequency Synthesis by Analog Interpolation.

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Overview This unit is a complete PCB based module capable of generating.
Direct digital synthesis is a common technique for generating waveforms digitally.

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The principles of the technique are simple and widely applicable.
Understanding Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Overview National Instruments signal generators utilize a technology known as direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate.

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That’s actually a more difficult question than you might think. I first started coding Verilog for RTL synthesis in 1993. So my path towards understanding the subject is very different than the path one would take today. So I will answer a different question. What do I think someone today should do to become an expert with FPGA design.