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Last year a couple students found an alternative strategy for synthesizing Ibuprofen. This strategy uses the "superbasic" mixture of butyllithium and potassium -butoxide to deprotonate benzylic positions. These anions can then be used as nucleophiles. Using this strategy, -xylene was sequentially deprotonated and reacted with methyl iodide, isopropyl bromide, and carbon dioxide to yield ibuprofen. I was initially skeptical, but the preliminary results were very good. It looks like we were able to produce ibuprofen, but we need to find a good method for purifying it.

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A. What is the limiting reagent? [The limiting reagent is O2.]
B. What mass of water could be formed? [304 g H2O]

THEORETICAL YIELD is the amount of product that can be obtained from a given
amount of reactants, according to the chemical equation.

(Dilantin) are commonly prescribed for the management of epilepsy and other disorders.

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