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We describe a learning tool for genetic algorithms. We implemented it as a web site where genetic algorithms solve a traffic optimization problem. The traffic optimization problem is defined as a timing of red and green traffic lights in a given road segment. The road network is presented with a graph and the shortest paths are found with Dijkstra algorithm. Final configurations of red and green lights for all intersections in the road segment are visualized with an animation and graphical analysis of optimization.

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We survey and summarize many shortest path algorithms, and discuss their pros and cons. We also investigate the Least Squares Primal-Dual method, a new LP algorithm that avoids degenerate pivots in each primal-dual iteration, for solving 1-1 and 1-ALL shortest path problems with nonnegative arc lengths, show its equivalence to the classic Dijkstra's algorithm, and compare it with the original primal-dual method.

In the master project, the researcher discussed the shortest path solution to a single source problem based on Dijkstra algorithm as resolving the basic concepts. Everybody can travel by different routes to reach a different destination point. This can be time consuming if they do not travel trough the best route. This project aims to determine locations of the node that reflect all the items in the list, build the route by connecting nodes and evaluate the proposed algorithm for the single source shortest path problem. This project includes the modification of main algorithm which has been implemented in the prototype development. This study discussed the emphasis on the single source shortest path at the location of specific studies. The study will produce a decision-makers prototype.

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The speed of the process is not only depends on architectural features and operational frequency, but also depends on the algorithm and data structure, which is used for that process.

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In this paper we use self-adjustable doubly circular link list, skip list and splay tree as a data structure to implement page table for LRU algorithm.