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Microarrays are one of the driving forces in biological research. With their explosion in popular-ity, an increase is also seen in the availability and size of public repositories. These data sets are by no means superannuate, but offer researchers a depth of information if used wisely. We proposed a method to integrate multiple data sets to aid in overcoming major meta-analysis hurdles such as lab-to-lab variation and platform dependent biases. Heuristically if a gene is truly differentially expressed (DE), it should be DE throughout a range of DE measures and experiments. Meta-Differential Expression via Distance Synthesis (mDEDS), is an extension of the DEDS method (Yang et al., 2004), which makes use of permutation tests on the multiple data sets and a plethora of expression measures synthesised through a distance equation to produce a candidate DE list. Keywords: meta-analysis, microarray, mDEDS

Therefore, unlike DNAchip analysis, SAGE is able to detect and quantify the expression ofpreviously uncharacterized genes.

Differential gene expression and lipid metabolism in …

Until recently, the analysisof such genetic networks has been impractical, in that methods formeasuring the expression levels of multiple genes in parallel have notbeen available.

Surprisingly, of the 3370 genes analyzed, 71% of those expressed encodesubcellularly localized mRNAs.

Recent issues of the biochemistry and molecular biology of Trypanosoma cruzi investigated by prestigious Brazilian research groups and discussed in the present meeting in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the recognition of Chagas disease, center on glycoconjugates, their structure and function; differential gene expression in developmental stages of the parasite; organization and expression of multigene families encoding virulence factors; and the epidemiology, biochemistry and evolution of different strains of the parasite using rRNA sequences.

These cDNAscan be cloned into cDNA libraries, which are useful for isolating andanalyzing expressed genes.

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To facilitateintegration with other biological resources, all data are available fordownload and cross-referencing.
We reporta genome-wide analysis of the tissue specificity of RNA and proteinexpression covering more than 90% of the putative protein-coding genes,complemented with analyses of various subproteomes, such as predictedsecreted proteins (n = 3171) and membrane-bound proteins (n = 5570).

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The analysis shows that almost half of the genes are expressed in allanalyzed tissues, which suggests that the gene products are needed inall cells to maintain “housekeeping” functions such as cell growth,energy generation, and basic metabolism.

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To elucidate the dynamicsof gene expression regulation, the MTD also enables comparativetranscriptomic analysis in both intraspecies and interspecies manner.

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There are two components to the ExpressionAtlas, the Baseline Atlas and the Differential Atlas:

The Baseline Atlas displays information about whichgene products are present (and at what abundance) in "normal"conditions (e.g.

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New experiments are added as they become available.

See the Baseline Atlas help page for information about how to searchand interpret the results in the Baseline Atlas.

The Differential Atlas allows users to identify genesthat are up- or down-regulated in a wide variety of differentexperimental conditions such as yeast mutants, cadmium treated plants,cystic fibrosis or the effect on gene expression of mind-body practice.

Both microarray and RNA-seq experiments are included in theDifferential Atlas.

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Each experiment is processed throughour in-house differential expression statistical analysis pipeline toidentify genes with a high probability of differential expression.

The Differential Atlas help page has more information about how tosearch and interpret the results in the Differential Atlas.

The Expression Atlas interface allows searches by gene, splice variantand protein attribute.