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Complexation of the dienophile with a protic or Lewis acid has dramatic effects on many Diels-Alder cycloadditions. Rates of reaction are increased by factors as large as 106, the preference for endo stereoselectivity is increased, and the ortho-para selectivity may also be higher. This is a consequence of the lowering of the LUMO of the dienophile by the increased electron deficiency caused by the Lewis acid, and changes in the orbital coefficients which cause stronger secondary orbital interactions and larger regiochemical preference. There are also downsides to adding Lewis or protic acids - poluymerization or other decomposition reactions may be accelerated also.

A Diels-Alder/retro Diels-Alder sequence was also proposed to prepare pyridines with novel substitution patterns.

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Other than this report, the only example that we are aware of involving cycloaddition to a pyridine are those of Gompper and Neunhoeffer who independently described the cycloaddition of dimethyl 2,6-bis(dimethyl-amino)pyridine-3,4- dicarboxylate and DMAD.

Compounds 1–6 undergo a Diels–Alder reaction with α‐pyrone to produce, after loss of carbon dioxide, bis(silyl)‐substituted benzene derivatives.

In summary, the coordination of 2,6-dimethoxypyridine by {TpW(NO)(PMe3)} and subsequent removal of the metal provides the formal equivalent of a Diels-Alder cycloaddition with this heterocycle, a reaction that typically is thermodynamically unfavorable in absence of extreme pressures.

Other relevant examples of pyridinium-like aromatic molecules undergoing cycloaddition include reactions with isoquinolinium and azoniaanthracene.

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The ortho-para directive effects can be rationalized at several levels. A simple device that works well is to examine the diradicals formed if we assume the cycloaddition was stepwise (the cycloaddition is usually concerted, but the transition state can be thought of as having diradical character). In the example below, the boxed diradical has both radical centers stabilized by the substituents R and CO2Me, and thus this will lead to the major product.

But then why does benzyne undergo the Diels Alder reaction with Furan

We reasoned that common pyridines would be attractive alternatives as sources of azadienes, but their aromatic stability normally renders them unsuitable for such cycloaddition reactions.

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Because the Diels-Alder reaction exchanges two π bonds for two σ bonds, it is intrinsically thermodynamically favored in the forward direction. However, a variety of strategies for overcoming this inherent thermodynamic bias are known. Complexation of Lewis acids to basic functionality in the starting material may induce the retro Diels-Alder reaction, even in cases when the forward reaction is intramolecular.


Figure 1.1 : Diels Alder addition of cyclopropenone and 1-3-diphenylisobenzofuranThe Diels-Alder addition of cyclopropenone and 1-3-diphenylisobenzofuran yields only the exo adduct (Figure 1.1).

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