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Diathesis: In medicine, a "diathesis" is anelegant term for a predisposition or tendency. Thus, a hemorrhagic diathesis is nothingmore than a bleeding tendency. The word "diathesis" is Greek.

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Additional treatment by a physician specialized in respiratory medicine may be medically necessary as well, for any of the following reasons:

- Recurrent, severe exacerbations
- Complicating accompanying illnesses such as COPD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder
- Inadequate therapeutic benefit despite maximal treatment
- Maintenance therapy with oral corticosteroids
- Possible occupationally induced asthma
- Worsening control of asthma during pregnancy.

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The medications used for these purposes belong to two groups:

- Relievers (medications taken for symptomatic relief as necessary) include mainly the inhaled, rapidly-acting beta2 sympathomimetic agents, e.g., the short-acting drugs salbutamol, fenoterol, and terbutaline and the long-acting drug formoterol.

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Inhaled anticholinergic drugs and rapidly-acting theophylline (solution or drops) play a secondary role as relievers.
- Controllers (medications used for preventive, maintenance therapy) include the inhaled corticosteroids (ICS), inhaled long-acting beta2 agonists (LABA) such as formoterol or salmeterol, montelukast, and delayed-release theophylline preparations.

Formoterol can be used as a reliever because of its rapid onset of action or as a controller in combination with corticosteroids.

The undesired adverse effects that these medications can produce are listed in the e-box ( ).

The anti-asthmatic drugs have been re-evaluated in the new GINA recommendations (), as follows:

- Inhaled long-acting beta2 sympathomimetic agents (LABA), such as formoterol and salmeterol, should not be used for asthma monotherapy, but must always be given in combination with adequate doses of ICS.

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See more.In medicine , bleeding diathesis (h(a)emorrhagic diathesis) is an unusual susceptibility to bleed mostly due to hypocoagulability, in turn caused by a coagulopathy (a What does diathesis mean?

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a morbid habit which predisposes to a particular disease, or class of diseases.Diathesis | definition of diathesis by Medical dictionaryLooking for online definition of diathesis in the Medical Dictionary?