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A direct test of the diathesis–stress model for depression Molecular Psychiatry

Using the DSM-5: Try It, You'll Like It - by Jason King, Ph.D.

(Heritability is calculated by Falconer's formula.) This represents a large genetic contribution to the development of the disorder.


There is evidence that developing schizophrenia may be influenced by such environmental factors as malnutrition before birth and trauma during childhood.


The diathesis-stress model proposes that schizophrenia is caused by a genetic vulnerability coupled with environmental and psychosocial stressors (diathesis comes from the Greek word for disposition).

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type

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Rochester Institute of Technology "Reactive Attachment Disorder: A Disorder of Attachment or of Temperament?" provided an interesting view of RAD summarized by its analogy to the diathesis-stress model.

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Not everyone will react in the same way to a given situation. I would compare the etiology of reactive attachment disorder to the diathesis-stress model we discussed in class.

as an individual with a temperament that acts as a diathesis to RAD ages beyond childhood…