(Ph.D. Thesis by David E. Norris; supervised by Dennis W. Thomson)

The Effect of Topology on the Dynamical Behavior of Oscillator Networks

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In a Velcro condition, Diamond and colleagues attached the reward (still a separate object in its own right) to the base of the stimulus. The stimuli were still presented atop wells, and the rewards were still out-of-sight in the wells, but instead of the reward remaining in the well when a stimulus was displaced, the reward moved with the stimulus. In this condition, where the rewards were physically connected to (though detachable from) the stimuli, most infants of 9 or 12 months succeeded at the 5-sec training delay and continued to perform comparably at the longer delay (30 sec). Thus, when the reward and stimulus were physically connected, the task was easy for infants.

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At the same time, nationalist women ran their own suffrage campaign by helping the men in their revolutionary activity, which ultimately ended in women's equal citizenship in the first year of the Free State.

These two groups indicated two different phases of the nationalist movement: Inghinidhe embodied the political and cultural aspects of women's participation in the move for Irish freedom, but Cumann na mBan, which had been organized as an auxiliary to the Irish Volunteers (later the IRA), added military activities to their agenda.

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Based on an examination of hundreds of pages of Guatemalan newspapers, spanning nearly a decade, and housed in special collections in the Latin American Libraries of the University of Florida and Tulane University, the thesis treats topics such as how elites chose to make sense of a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

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The thesis also contains an appendix listing all those identified as have practiced in and about Tallahassee from 1824-1845 along with some brief biographical notes.

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This variety of tools arguably functioned rhetorically to advance Lomax's stance as a capable, wise (especially in light of her eminent contested move South), and knowledgeable journalist, mother, and human being.

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Overall, her efforts to persuade her readers at this time through these means may have functioned rhetorically as her attempt to reinforce her desired persona as not only a knowledgeable and independent-minded journalist, but also as a worthwhile human being, despite her mental and emotional struggles.

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Kimberly Swanberg, M.A. 2015
Imagined Spaces and the Limits of Sympathy: Sensibility, Race, and Illness in the Colonial West Indies
Thesis Committee: David Simpson (Chair), Elizabeth Freeman, Christopher Loar