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It regulates NKX2-1 in lung epithelial cells responding to transcription factors sp1 and .

Adipocyte stress: the endoplasmic reticulum and metabolic disease ..

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During embryonic and fetal development, NKX2-1 expression is found in various tissues (e.g.

adapting to meet the demands of increased protein synthesis ..

Controversially, NKX2-1 pathway activation in lung cancers is associated with poor survival and cisplatin resistance if or pathways are activated at the same time.

brain, lung, thyroid), for details see "function" → "Embryonic and fetal development".

The transactivation capacity of NKX2-1 regarding the expression of SP-B is controlled by the sphingolipid ceramide which is produced in inflammation and reduces NKX2-1 binding capacity to the SP-B promoter.

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Volcanoes and volcanology | Geology

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Jin Kim Montclare, PhD | NYU Tandon School of …

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the N-terminal of maltose binding protein from ..

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The protein was expressed with an N-terminal GST tag as ..

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PLOS ONE: Relaxed Rotational and Scrunching Changes …

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Epigenetic inheritance of proteostasis and ageing | …

It is expressed in conducting airways type II alveolar epithelial cells and Clara cells and uniformly in the terminal respiratory unit.
NKX2-1 expression is also found in thyroid follicular cells and both normal and hyperplastic C cells where it activates calcitonin gene expression.
NKX2-1 is not expressed in adult neurons of the basal ganglia.