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The Lottery and Adventures of the Demon Lover

When she returned to writing poetry she placed herself above a devalued feminine child self in the role of a prophet, who looked down on the female masochistic self and the demon lover male figure to which it was always attached (like Fairbairn’s sealed-off libidinal and anti-libidinal egos).

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Her biography demonstrates how a cold and paranoid mother, along with a narcissistic father, who treated her as special due to her artistic talent, resulted in her living out a demon lover complex with the male sculptor Auguste Rodin.

While the entire episode between the lover and the wife was actually trickery, it does demonstrate that the wife cared deeply about him and wanted to put things right by undoing her initial transformations.

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The demon lover theme is complete in a continuing cycle that creates the demon lover complex, (as seen throughout the work and life of a multitude of women), when the yearning to merge with an omnipotent fantasy god results in possession and/or abandonment leading to the ultimate denouement of death.

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This is a death at the hands of the demon lover, who is a projected combination of mother and father part object internalizations, along with the split off aggression and eroticism that cannot yet be tolerated at the level of psychic fantasy, unless expelled onto paper or canvas.

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The Nights are a wonderful example of Folk literature and how it develops, through the telling and retelling of stories over a long period of time.

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This demon lover complex appears in themes of muse-god figures who continually turn demonic when the woman artist seeks merger with them through their self-expression in creative work.

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Curious to understand why, I used the extensive research I did on the biographies and creative work of these women to describe the repetition of primal trauma as it appears in the work and lives of these women as a demon lover complex.

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It wasn't always this way, historians tell us. During the Renaissance, for example, voluptuousness was a sign of prosperity. Even into the 19th and early 20th centuries you'll see nudes with robust hips, worshipfully painted by great artists such as , , and .

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The muse mother/father figure, once eroticized and endowed with split off aggression, becomes the demon lover who lives upon the stage of the creative work, which becomes too exactly a replica of the internal world, rather than its evolving transformation as it was for Emily’s older sister, Charlotte.