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The Department offers degrees at MA, MPhil and PhD levels and oversees undergraduate teaching at the 79 Colleges which are affiliated to the University.

(Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2014 69 Citation analysis of Ph.D theses in social sciences awarded by university of Delhi during 1995-2008 Ms.

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Subsequent to confirmation and prior to completion of five years, a student who is a teacher in the University of Delhi, may deregister for purposes of employment or any other purpose and re-register within three years of deregistration on the recommendation of the Departmental Research Committee and the Board of Research Studies and the consent of the Vice-

(Mrs) P K Walia 2014 62 Use of library classification schemes in the ICT environment in selected libraries in national capital region: a study Ms.

Walia 21.12.2015 13 Reading Habits and Information Seeking Behaviour of Undergraduate Students of Select Colleges affiliated to University of Delhi in the Changing Environment Ms.

S.R Gupta 2002 32 University libraries in Iran: Their development, organization and services Abdol Hamid Moarrefzadeh Prof.

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S Aggarwal 1991 08 Social science research libraries in India: a study of their growth, development and services with particular reference to post-Independence period D.

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L Sardana 1994 15 A comparative study of the role of libraries of the university of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru university in their research programmes in social science Vinayak Kamlesh Prof.

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S.R Gupta 2004 36 Information gathering habits of economists and political scientists in the university of Delhi, JNU , Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU, Aligarh and BHU: A Comparative Study.

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S Aggarwal 1989 06 Bibliographical control and services in Thailand: a survey and study with emphasis on the role of the Thai national library Dhida Bodhibukkana Prof.

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(Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2011 55 Growth and development of journals in economics with special reference to e-journals: a study of the libraries of central universities in Delhi Mr.

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Malkeet Singh Dr.K P Singh 2015 70 Managing the knowledge transition from print to digital in selected special libraries in Delhi: a proposed model Ms.