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(I remembered the name from when I wasa kid and the Penn-Cornell game was THE Thanksgiving Day game inPhilly.) And this is what my research produced:

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As and both stress, if game theory is to be used to model actual,natural behavior and its history, outside of the small-world settingson which microeconomists (but not macroeconomists or politicalscientists or sociologists or philosophers of science) mainly traffic,then we need some account of what is attractive about equilibria ingames even when no analysis can identify them by taming alluncertainty in such a way that it can be represented as pure risk. Tomake reference again to Lewis's topic, when human language developedthere was no external referee to care about and arrange forPareto-efficiency by providing focal points for coordination. Yetsomehow people agreed, within linguistic communities, to use roughlythe same words and constructions to say similar things. It seemsunlikely that any explicit, deliberate strategizing on anyone's partplayed a role in these processes. Nevertheless, game theory has turnedout to furnish the essential concepts for understanding stabilizationof languages. This is a striking point of support for Gintis'soptimism about the reach of game theory. To understand it, we mustextend our attention to evolutionary games.

"What Is Skewness in Statistics?" ThoughtCo, May.

Aim / Hypothesis My aim is to take one 100-word article from a broadsheet newspaper and a tabloid newspaper and compare their readability by seeing how the sizes of the words vary....

What Is Skewness in Statistics?

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A nice article by Stan Goldberg, who as the sports editor of theFrederick (Maryland) News-Post, right out of the University Maryland,employed me during basketball season to help cover local high schools:

Stan Goldberg - Darryl Hill

Jerry Fishman didn’t mind egging on the opposition. In fact, inMaryland’s 1964 win over Navy, he helped bring an end to the seriesbetween the two teams. He twice gave the Brigade of Midshipmenthe finger, the first time after they booed him for what they thoughtwas a cheap shot in front of the Navy bench, and the second time - thistime using both hands - after Ken Ambrusko’s 101-yard kick returnsealed the Terps’ win.

Darryl Hill and Jerry Fishman

More Jerry Fishman

Fishman, quoted at the time of the renewal of the Maryland-Navy rivalry

Bourbon Street never knew what hit it.”Look out, Minneapolis.

(What I’m politely trying to say is that in the absence of any evidenceto the contrary, my recollection of him is as, well, a redneck.)

Howard was opinionated and said whatever he damned pleased and didn’tcare at all what people thought about it.

Then, I will discuss the innovation of the current hypothesis.

What he told me to do worked.”

After a year at Kiski Prep school in Pennsylvania, he enrolled atStanford.

There, he won four national collegiate decathlon championships; in dualmeets, he often competed in as many as seven events.

In football, he played two years as a running back, and helped Stanfordto its first Rose Bowl appearance in 11 years by returning a kickoff 96yards for a touchdown against USC.

“What we do best is run the ball.

They didn’t make a lot of noise, but they were powerfulenough to drag that sucker, that old bridge, along greased tracks atopI-beams until it was completely over the temporary bridge, and placedon heavy iron stands. There, it will await dismantling.

What was amazing was that you couldn’t tell movement by looking at thebridge, but by golly, it was moving.