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apparently there is an errata stating dmm may only be used on divine spells.

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I never bothered to see how many he could fire off, but with 55 per casting, and the potential to get a lot of spells out, even without thesis, it would blow 196 out of the water, not to mention do a ton of negative level damage and other effects to boot (like say - Obviously the character will need access to a onetime method of casting raise dead in order to take arcane thesis for that spell, but doing so is extremely simple for a fifth level character (and imbue with spell ability should solve the problem here as well)

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then we add +1 for her white dragonspawn template, +1 for greater draconic rite of passage, +2 for arcane thesis and finally +1 for having some dragon blood in her veins.

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, For example, an arcane thesised fireball to which you apply the sanctum spell (0) at 1, and the empowered spell (2) at 1 remains at a total level of 3 - I never bothered to see how many he could fire off, but with 55 per casting, and the potential to get a lot of spells out, even without thesis, it would blow 196 out of the water, not to mention do a ton of negative level damage and other effects to boot (like say.

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to make a note, mage of the arcane order actually requires 3 feats for a sorcerer to get into: co-operative spell, another metamagic feat, and arcane preparation.

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4 levels pays back the feat you needed to enter the class and gives the very important metamagic effect, meaning you can persist stuff (like arcane spellsurge.