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Speciality Chemicals & Custom Synthesis

With 13-year track record of continuous success in supporting innovative drug development, Corum strive to develop high quality and efficient drug manufacturing processes to meet the needs of our every customer. Collaborated under strict confidentiality, we have completed more than 120 projects of custom drug synthesis and development for fast-growing pharmaceutical companies and established multinationals.

Monomer-Polymer provides custom synthesis solutions from lab to multi-ton scale for a wide a range of end-use applications.

Speciality Chemicals & Custom Synthesis ..

Our objective is to develop partnerships with innovative companies, providing a complete range of custom synthesis and cGMP contract manufacturing services, including:

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd offers a custom synthesis service of compounds that are not commercially available (at the mg and gram scales). You just the required compound (chemical name or/and CAS number), and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 - 48 hours). As for the price, the quote will include our estimated time for the synthesis. Custom synthesis is our core business.

Custom Synthesis from Lab to Kilo Scale

Our service can be as simple as a customer sending a required compound (chemical name, structure and/or CAS number), and we return a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 – 48 hours). However, our most successful collaborations with customers revolve around discussion with customers to elucidate the most successful path for the synthesis of the desired product. In certain cases, customers already have developed a lab-scale procedure that they would like scaled from lab quantities to larger scale over a defined timeframe. Under NDA, such basic synthesis routes are discussed with an eye toward the future scaling of the product. In a collaborative manner, MPD and the customer can jointly decide on a timeline for MPD to transition from lab scale synthesis to pilot and/or full-scale manufacturing.

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Contact our technical team today to start discussions and let us show you how we can aid your custom/contract chemical synthesis needs.

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Polysciences, Inc. delivers high-quality custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services necessary to accelerate your research and development programs. We provide the skill, experience and chemistry support services for the synthesis of targeted compounds, starting materials, specialized reagents and other compounds for your needs. Custom synthesis of mg to multi-kg quantities of compounds for use in research and development.

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Whether your needs are in the early development stages, identifying impurities that could impact the performance of a target candidate, or scaling up your candidate drug for animal testing and clinical trials, our expertise and services of custom synthesis and process development, from laboratory scale to hundreds of kilograms in production plant, will best support your drug development efforts and timelines.

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Drug discovery and development is a long and complex process. It is important to find a reliable supplier and service provider to work alongside to support your innovative ideas, and to help meeting your timelines and budget. Corum offer a broad range of pharmaceutical custom development services, including process research, custom synthesis and analytical support. We aim to build long term collaborative partnership with each customer, and provide our best support to meet their chemical and regulatory needs.