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Bio-Synthesis provides Custom oligo synthesis services since 1984

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Our innovative design and process can ensure the high quality DNA fragments (including primers, components and genes), the whole gene synthesis, pathway synthesis, genome synthesis, Oligo pool, as well as synthesis of various mutation libraries. Adopting the chip synthesis technology in real sense, we provide the best price and flux in synthetic biology industry. The customized services of our gene products have covered the synthesis, construction and shuttle of arbitrary DNA fragment in any vector system.

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High Quality Oligos. Fast Turn-Around Times
With a view to ensure that your research is not delayed due to the delivery of reagents that function as expected, our custom DNA oligos are:

As a pioneer in the art of high-throughput, automated custom oligo synthesis, Eurofins Genomics continues to develop innovative ways to serve its customers. Our scientists routinely use these oligos to perform DNA sequencing (using the Sanger method or Next Generation Sequencing technologies), cloning, gene synthesis, and qPCR services for our clients successfully.

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There are two ways of ordering oligos with Eton, one is for oligos only and the other is for oligos(primers) that will be used in a DNA sequencing order.

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Affordable oligo synthesis at €0.12/bp for 25 nmol scale

Custom DNA Oligos made to your specifications

Synthesis with cutting edge technology

Quality controlled using MALDI-TOF and PAGE

Availability of more than 30 variety of fluorescent dye

Four standard synthesis scales and four purity options