A breast prosthesis restores a portion or the entire of the breast

It is necessary to visit our office for the custom made prosthesis.

Custom Made Partial Breast Prosthesis

She began whined quietly, in doubt and growing pain: the beautiful "bedroom slippers" had no heel
or toe padding, and the poor girl had no idea how she was supposed to walk on her toes with all her
weight balanced on paper-thin "soles" no more than an inch across. Ruta stepped in front of her
before releasing the strap above her breasts, and with beefy hands steadied her precarious
two-pointed stance.

"Yes, is hard to walk, but I help you, and you learn. Oh, one more thing..." Reaching down with
one hand she produced the spongy exercise gag and pressed it between Jasmine's sore lips, where it
was drawn in with a slurp. "Now, turn around for us." As Ruta's big hands steered and steadied her
the gagged doll-trainee shuffled about, until she leaned forward slightly with her big tits pressed
against the black mesh of the table for balance. Ruta left her for a moment and returned with a set of
nylon straps.

She had begun binding her charge's arms for most of their therapy sessions, except those parts when
the arms themselves were included in the stretches or exercises. It forced even more pronounced hip
rotation when the girl walked, and kept the dangling, nearly paralyzed arms from getting in the way
of the rest of the workout. Ruta varied the bindings at each session, to provide some variety for
them both and to test the girl's range of motion. One of her favorite ties bound Jasmine's elbows
together behind her head, with her hands projecting free to the sides where they would bounce up
and down with her stride. It was simple but dramatic and showed off the girl's helplessness and
flexibility. But it also restricted her head movements somewhat and Ruta knew that would not be
appropriate for today's session.

Instead she bound the unresisting arms behind the girl's back, with elbows tightly together and hands
twisted up between her shoulder blades. She turned the hands palm-outwards, and used three straps
to bind the elbows, wrists, and hands firmly together. Then a final long strap attached to the wrist
ties and passed over the biceps, crossing Jasmine's chest above the swelling breasts to fix her arms
securely behind her with her fingertips just below the base of her neck.

With her useless arms up and out of the way, Jasmine was turned slowly about again. Despite their
internal reinforcement her toes were beginning to cramp and burn, and she mewed through the gag
in appeal. Ruta's expression turned cross.

"No belly-aching yet. This big day, you just get started! You don't want Feng to think you
chicken." With a nudge she turned her charge toward the door and stepped behind her, steadying the
teetering doll with a single huge hand wrapped about both her bound wrists as they made their way
out of the room and down the hall.

By the time she'd tottered the twenty yards to the therapy room, her heavy jugs swinging chaotically
and her new golden rings forgotten, Jasmine's toes were in agony. She hung her head and focused
on her balance, and the pain, as she and the supporting Ruta wobbled with tiny steps across the
room, past other subjects who groaned under the demands of their own therapists. Their destination
was a mat in the far corner of the room, where a small female clad in burgundy awaited them. At
last they stopped a few feet in front of her, Jasmine tossing her head in complaint.

"See, you walk all this way," Ruta spoke gently in her ear, "even though bedroom slippers not
meant really for walking. On your knees now." Jasmine obeyed gratefully, dropping to her knees
and haunches while her huge mams bounced. With her toes relieved she looked up at the figure in
front of her. It was a familiar-looking Asian woman, slim and wiry with sharp, sloping features.

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Custom-Made Partial Breast Prostheses

Or you can buy mastectomy bras. These special bras now come in almost as many styles and colors as regular bras do. They have built-in pockets to hold all types of breast forms.

Check to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a prosthesis and mastectomy bra. Many policies do.

Testimonials I woke up after my exchange surgery in this pretty pink bra, the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra. Oh, how I wish I had known about it before my mastectomy! Celebrities, especially the glamorous divas among them, love to shed clothes for a good cause. Be it animals, birds, trees – just give them a
… into the breast form or a separate nipple prosthesis may be attached to the breast prosthesis. … Breast prostheses are most commonly used after a … … a penile prosthesis may also be used in the final stage of plastic surgery phalloplasty to complete female to male gender reassignment surgery as well as during
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