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We provide an environment for medical degree graduates to acquire advanced basic science knowledge and to conduct both clinical and laboratory based research. We also accept graduates of life science disciplines to pursuit basic research related to eye diseases and pursue a career in research. Our PhD graduates have taken up academic or clinical positions in major academic institutions including CUHK, Harvard University, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Sydney, and eye centres in mainland China. Some have entered the pharmaceutical industry.

The interlibrary loan system is now fully online under the HKALL and ILLiad systems of the library's computer network.

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The Ph.D. stream has a normative study period of 36 months for full-time students with a research-oriented Master's degree and 48 months for students without one. The maximum period for full-time student with Master’s degree is 72 and 84 months for students without.

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Qualifications for Admission The Division of Mechanical and Automation Engineering offer full-time Articulated MPhil-PhD Programme in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. This programme consists of two streams: MPhil stream and PhD stream. Applicant must have majored in a discipline that is related to his/her intended field of MPhil or PhD study, and required to submit a list of research publication, if any. All full-time postgraduate students will receive financial support during their normative study period. Ph.D. StreamThe applicant shall have: MPhil StreamThe applicant shall have: English Language Proficiency Requirements of MPhil-PhD Program: The applicant should either:

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Students can take courses from the Faculty core course list or from divisions to satisfy the remaining course requirement. Each PhD student has to register for the relevant thesis research course every term throughout his/her studies; submit a thesis proposal and pass an oral examination of the thesis for graduation.

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We have established a MPhil and PhD education platform, pertaining to personalized education and aiming for academic excellence. All research students are accessible to all equipment and facilities in our research laboratories. Students, supervisors, and research staff work together on meaningful research projects in basic and clinical ophthalmology with international recognitions. Our students present papers on platform at international conferences and publish original articles in major SCI journals based on their thesis work.

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The Division will consider admission of part-time Ph.D. students with Master's degrees and strong academic records. Part-time students will be required to take regular graduate courses offered in the day time. The normative study period for part-time students with a research master's degree is 48 months and for students without a research master's degree are 64 months. The maximum period is 84 and 100 months respectively.