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This experiment would be helpful to scientists to better understand how crystals grow in water.

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Though most people may not be lucky enough to live or visit a place where you can find your own geodes, you can make crystal geodes by speeding up nature's geological processes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Most Crystals grow naturally, but with the help of common household items, I believe that they can be grown within 24 hours in your kitchen.

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On the next slide, I will show you my hypothesis.
My project
Crystal's science fair project
I just tested my hypothesis, I did my experiment, now tomorrow, I will try to record my results.

While the second activity makes gorgeous geodes and not a garden, it still is a fun way to explore solutions, evaporation, and crystal growth. The supplies for this activity are more difficult to obtain. Copper sulfate is not sold in grocery stores and most likely needs to be ordered or purchased from a chemical supply company. However, the directions and ingredients are very simple:

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Compare salt crystals and sugar crystals to see which one grows fasterThe Effect of Temperature and Type of Solute on Crystal Mass and GrowthWhat Type of Dissolved Substance Will Form the Biggest Crystal?

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How to Grow the Best and the Largest CrystalsMusical vibrations effect on crystal growthMake your own stalactiteDiscover if sugar crystals grow bigger in a certain type of liquid (water, unsweetened apple juice or 7-Up).

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They looked like something expensive that you would purchase at a store Results The purpose of this experiment is to grow Geode Crystals inside of Egg Shells.

I first became interested in Geo Crystals when I was watching Martha Stewart’s Craft Show.