Synthesis and complexation behaviour of a double …

Synthesis and structural characterization of crown thioether complexes of silver(I) and copper(II)

Crown thioether chemistry of iron(II/III)

The polyphosphazenes that were synthesized include (a)species with linear and branched oligo(oxyethylene) side groups, (b)examples which incorporate crown ethers of various sizes, and (c)polymers which include sulfone or sulfoxide functional groups.

One such example is the use of small, stable, easy-to-make, and well-characterized proteins as ligands to synthesize novel inorganic compounds.

1,4,7-Trithiacyclononane - Revolvy

Thioethers are presented in a separate section within this unit. Structure of thioethers, nomenclature, preparation, reactions, and characteristics are addressed. The application of the Williamson synthesis in the preparation of thioethers serves to reinforce the versatility, the limitations, and the practicality of this classic. The ability of thioethers to undergo Sn2 reactions in which they produce excellent alkylating agents is stressed for its importance in biochemistry. The unit concludes with comments regarding the general characteristics of thioethers.

Ethers Epoxides and Thioethersaddresses the typical topics of structure, nomenclature, physical properties, preparations, reactions, and chemical analysis. A unit addressing thioethers is included.