2 Witchcraft in the Ancient World and the MiddlesAges; v.

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Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft.

A much older, but nonetheless popular one, is the Wizardof Oz (1939), with the good witches as well as the "wicked witch ofthe West." There are also several other movies (mostly Walt Disneyproduced) with feature or include witchcraft and are often based onfolk tales.

Hopefully in the future better systematic and solid studies ofIndian witchcraft will be made.

"The Salem Witchcraft Trials: A Study inSocial Stress." M.A.

National Geographic Society. "National Geographic: Salem Online Witch-Hunt Game.". 1997. >(11 November 2008).
The National Geographics web site on the witchcraft hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts teaches an important part of history in a creative, interactive way. Peter Winkler, who authored the story based on actual events leading to and about the Salem witch trials, worked with several other contributors to make the web site exceptional. The site guides the readerthrough witch trial while offering information about actual accused witches and other prominent figures of thetime, using quotations from people involved, factual information and secondary sources. Though this site is targeted at a beginner audience, it is creative enough and luring enough to attract even an expert.

Burr, "The Literature of Wichcraft," in Papers of the American Historical Association, 1889, p.

Here is a brief notice, selected among several others, whichcontinue to crop up in Indian newspapers, on events involvingwitchcraft. 'WITCH' KILLED Chaibasa: A 60-year old tribal woman and her son were murderd and their bodies burt by villagers at Gannore, 80 km from here, our correspondent reports.

Adams, regarding a witchcraft case, as well as the "Dark Lady" of Shakespeares' Sonnets.

.Based on the author's doctoral thesis in social anthropology.

In his effort to build a unique collection for Cornell Library, White could count on Burr, who once described himself jokingly as "a witch-hunter in the book shops." Burr had been captivated by the subject since he read an essay on the history of torture by Henry Charles Lea (1825-1909) at age fifteen.

Based on the author's doctoral thesis in social anthropology

The success rate of what we do (transition) is related to the context we create (transformation) and this depends on our strength of character (transcendence).

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Having improved his paleographic skills in University of Leipzig and at the Ecole des chartes in Paris, Burr even started a doctoral dissertation on Dietrich Flade, and later published an article titled "The Fate of Dietrich Flade" (1891), conceived as a chapter of his never-written "History of Intolerance." In 1900, Burr initiated a correspondence with Joseph Hansen, the director of the Köln Stadtarchiv and a witchcraft historian who stood squarely within the positivist tradition.

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I certainly agree that all Craft traditions in the U.S. today owe a debt to Gardner, et al. The influence of these British traditions is evident in Reclaiming practice. We purify ourselves and our working space. We work in a sacred circle of our construction. We call the Quarters. We honor the same Elements of Magic, and we use nearly identical corresponding tools - sword (or athamé or knife - a blade of some kind), wand, cup and pentacle. Most importantly, I believe what demonstrates our kinship is that we all speak some form of The Charge of the Goddess, which derives from several sources, among them American folklorist Charles G. Leland in his book Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches.

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Snakes, sirens, witches… the slippery ambiguous and ambivalent
personae of my doctoral thesis, seem to accompany me along a journey that is
nothing else but “transitional”.