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The fairground offers a complex soundscape that incorporates both music and non-music in a variety of patterns, frequently pushing towards multiple manifestations of noise through modes of distortion, cacophonous overlay and sheer excess. After proposing a reading of the totality of the soundscape of the fairground, this chapter argues that music is an integral part of the fair, and is listened to in a variety of collective rituals in a heightened state of anticipation. The chapter focuses on the Waltzer ride, and follows the work of a particular ride called Atmosphere Creator, which prioritises modern dance music within its armoury of attractions and effects. An extended film clip of the ride in action is included in the chapter, and a key part of my analysis involves a detailed study of this clip, identifying various actors and their relationships, choreographed through the diegetic soundtrack. I then take the music of the fairground and the Atmosphere Creator as a specific genre and look at its social uses outside of the fairground. The sound of the fairground and the crossover between music types and subcultures is a subject that has avoided academic research or serious documentation, and this chapter is a start to redress that absence.

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Conservatorium Of Audio Introduction to Synthesis TUTORiAL;

The distinctions drawn between genre affinity could also be to do with the genre preference. There is anecdotal evidence within the data that those who named two genres predominantly favour pop and indie. This is contrasted with those who identified three genres, who seem to lean towards an array of niches such as hip hop, rap, jazz, R&B, soul, singer/songwriter and folk, whereas the four genre group identified with various idioms of rock and metal. As Frith asserts in his exploration of genre rules, ‘Genre discourse depends … on a certain shared musical knowledge and experience.’ While entitling classifications of new combinations of sounds and styles aims at greater clarity, the seeming simplicity of sub-genre names masks the complexities behind the derivations of the actual musical and aesthetic combinations. Without clarifying my shared understanding of the genre titles expressed, I could only guess at the types of sounds, styles and, more importantly, acts and music to which the participants refer. Therefore, further research would seek to have participants allocate the diversity of genres named in the genre awareness section into a smaller number of broader classifications, so genre preference themes could be written into the research. Until then, this survey suggests that despite a shift toward music streaming, and the algorithmically and personalised music choices those platforms offer, genre remains a core way of mediating the experience of music.

Conservatorium Of Audio Introduction To Mixing TUTORiAL ..

David Stout is a visual and sonic artist, writer, curator and performer exploring cross-media synthesis and interdisciplinary approaches to new genres bridging the arts, design and sciences. He is a recipient of the New Mexico New Visions Award (2007), the Harvestworks Interactive Technology Award and the Sun Micro Systems Award for Academic Excellence (2004) and a nominee for the USA Artist Fellowship (2008), International Media Art Prize (2004) and the WTN World Technology Award (2003). Stout’s many collaborations with instrumentalists, computer programmers, composers and filmmakers include recent projects with cellist Frances Marie Uitti (NL), guitarist Janet Feder (USA) and early music artist Anna Stegmann (NL/DE). Stout previously founded the MOV-iN Gallery and the Installation, Performance & Interactivity project (IPI) at the College of Santa Fe. He is at present directing the Initiative for Advance Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA) at the University of North Texas, where he holds a joint appointment spanning music composition and new media in the College of Music and College of Visual Art and Design.

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