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In multistep synthesis, a chemical compound is synthesised though a series of ..

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The DESPS bifunctional linker (A) contains a coumarin chromophore for quantitative chromatographic analysis of synthesis yields, arginine to enhance mass spectrometric ionization efficiency, an alkyne for copper-catalyzed azide–alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) click chemistry, and protected terminal primary amine for compound synthesis.

Synthesis means the combination of two or more simple sentences into one new sentence - simple, compound or complex.

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Computational encoding language design yielded 148 thermodynamically optimized sequences with Hamming string distance ≥ 3 and total read length 4 molecules/bead and sequencing allowed for elucidation of each compound’s synthetic history.

These “one-bead-one-compound” (OBOC) libraries, which can contain thousands to millions of different members, are trivial to prepare by parallel synthesis involving a very modest 20–40 different chemical diversity elements (e.g., alkyl amines in a peptoid library) and sometimes just one bond construction strategy, such as amide bond formation.

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Despite these encoding inefficiencies and others, such as protein and substrate accessibility to bead interior sites, single-bead qPCR afforded structural decoding of compounds synthesized under reaction conditions with wide-ranging impact on DNA integrity.

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This approach has recently gained incredible momentum as solution-phase encoded libraries have yielded ligands of, for example, sirtuins, tankyrase 1, and PAD4. However, the reactions used to generate DELs must solubilize DNA since the encoding DNA is the compound carrier, and HPLC purification accompanies each encoded synthesis step (which does not guarantee compound fidelity).

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In parallel with the DESPS of each compound, we conducted DNA encoding ligation control experiments (DE+, also using bifunctional-HDNA resin) in which the complete unique encoding sequence of the compound was prepared by serial ligation of primer and appropriate encoding modules absent compound synthesis steps.

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The synthesis of each compound (18, ) occurred in a filtration microtiter plate using bifunctional-HDNA resin (1 mg each compound) and the protocol outlined in .

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Solid-phase synthesis, on the other hand, is compatible with a broad range of solvents, there are numerous solid-phase chemical reactions available, sample purification is trivial (washing), and each bead harbors numerous copies of the compound for synthesis quality control.

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An example synthesis () illustrates the intermediate compound structures explicitly while representing the growing DNA sequence as a string of 4-digit numeric identifiers.