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The content and procedures for completion of these requirements are determined by the department.

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6. When you and your major professor feel you are nearing completion of the thesis, you will need to schedule your defense with your committee members. The public is invited to attend this meeting, so feel free to invite colleagues, friends, and family. This meeting involves paperwork with the graduate school. Seek help with the front office. After the defense, we will ask for your picture again so that the department can formally recognize your achievements.

The thesis is the final requirement for the master's degree and is submitted to the Graduate School in the term the degree is to be awarded.

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Students making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the thesis will receive a grade of Incomplete for 503 Thesis each term; the Incompletes are replaced by a grade of Pass only after the Graduate School has accepted the thesis and awarded the master's degree.

It is the department's responsibility to provide written information regarding the departmental requirements and procedures for completion of the degree.

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For students interested in declaring an Energy or Manufacturing Systems Concentration, please visit the section of the Student Intranet. Click on the Manage Concentration tab, choose the Concentration you would like from the drop-down box, and click Submit Request. After you graduate and the completion of the Concentration has been confirmed, you will see the Concentration on your official transcript, but not your diploma.

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Candidates for the BSE (ME) - must complete the program listed above. This is just a sample of a schedule that will lead to graduation in eight terms.

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The sample schedule below lists all courses required to complete a BSE degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. This sample schedule is meant to be a guide only and will likely be different from most students' long-term degree plans.

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In addition to the CoE Core math courses, the ME department requires students to complete at least 3 credits of Advanced Math. Students must earn a "D" grade or better to receive credit for the Advanced Math requirement, and it cannot be taken Pass/Fail. See the .

Note: Students interested in the program who are thinking of double-counting their advanced math must select a course that has been approved as graduate level, which can be found on the .

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Students with senior standing can receive credit for completing ME490 research. ME490 can count as a 400-level Technical Elective. It cannot count as a Core Technical Elective. For students interested in continuing their independent research project over two semesters, or completing two unique independent research projects, they can enroll in ME491.

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All ME students are required to complete 9 credits of Advanced Technical Electives to deepen their knowledge within Mechanical Engineering. For ME course descriptions, visit the . A grade of at least a "D" must be obtained in each course.