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She has been my inspiration and the reason for my desire to complete the entire program!

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She mentored me throughout coursework, my qualifying exam, proposal, and continues to do so as I complete my dissertation in the Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology doctoral program.

I attribute the level of my Masters degree to his encouragement and effort and without him this thesis, too, would not have been completed or written.

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The Department of Physics has provided the support and equipment I have needed to produce and complete my thesis and the EPSRC has funded my studies.

She allowed me go half way around the world to complete my thesis even though the arrangement means more work for her.

Previously, my concept to the residence design was the planning of external space of the residence area, because I learnt landscape architecture in the past, which focus on how to manage and plan the space beyond buildings, so that the external space and the building are combined into a complete community. This is the thinking of residential planning from the perspective of the thought of landscape architecture, but now I learn urban design, so I must break through the previous limited thinking frame, and think how to introduce urban planning into the planning of residential area, so as to help us get different design results.

The entirety of my thesis has been completed using such technologies and I consider it to have been an enormous benefit.