Compare Synthesis And Decomposition Reactions

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Chemistry 480
Industrial Internship

Course Description: Practical work in an industrial setting for a minimum of eight weeks under the joint guidance of a practicing chemist and SFA faculty member. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

Number of Credit Hours: 3 semester hours

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites: Prerequisite: Permission of the department chair and instructor. Pass-Fail grading.

Program Learning Outcomes:
3. The student will perform qualitative/quantitative chemical analyses/syntheses using modern instrumentation.
4. The student will articulate scientific information through oral communication.
5. The student will articulate scientific information through written communication.
6. The student will demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge content, laboratory skill, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication skills via participation in research projects.

General Education Core Curriculum Objectives: There are no specific general education core curriculum objectives in this course. This course is not a general education core curriculum course.

Course Objective: The student should demonstrate the practicing chemist's role in an industrial plant setting.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
• work independently, responsibly, and efficiently to solve problems occurring in an industrial plant setting.
• demonstrate clear oral and written communication skills. (PLO 4, 5)
• demonstrate an ability to find and use applicable procedures and chemical methods. (PLO 3)

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What is the relationship between the rate of reaction obtained by monitoring the formation of H2 or I2 and the rate obtained by watching HI disappear? The stoichiometry of the reaction says that two HI molecules are consumed for every molecule of H2 or I2 produced. This means that the rate of decomposition of HI is twice as fast as the rate at which H2 and I2 are formed. We can translate this relationship into a mathematical equation as follows.

20/04/2009 · Comparing synthesis and decomposition reactions.

First, deepen your knowledge of reactions by researching background information for each chemical reaction (Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Replacement, Double Replacement, Combustion) by answering the questions below:

synthesis reactions, decomposition reactions, exchange reactions, and reversible reactions.