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Flying over Wiltshire in July as the crops are ripening, a number of crop circles inevitably came into view in the fields below at various stages of completion, a selection below:


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That which holds of the Catholic priesthood in general, holds in a specialway of Catholic monachism. It is the literal following of our Lord's teachingconcerning the pearl of great price and the treasure hidden in the field, and inparticular of His counsel, "If thou wilt be perfect, go sell what thou hastand give to the poor.... And come, follow me!" (Mt. xix, 21). Our Lord'sgospel in all its spiritual power, stimulating force and immense austerity, isobjectivised in the religious life. That life implies no new morality, nor is itregulated by any new ideal of perfection, other than that which is common to allChristians. The religious is not able to do anything higher than imitate in hisown life the example of Jesus, than exercise a perfect love of God and of hisneighbor. And that ideal is the common ideal of all men. But this single idealcan be striven for in infinitely various ways, according to a man's educationand vocation in life, according to his personal gifts and aptitudes, andaccording to the special opportunities and guidance which come to him. Now ofall possible ways of following Jesus, that way is the most magnanimous andcourageous, if we regard the matter objectively, which entails a resoluterenunciation of all those values and goods which are able to allure man's sensesand to hamper his freedom in seeking God. Therefore the religious life isobjectively the best way and the surest way to realize the Christian ideal. Butin saying this we by no means imply that it is also the best way subjectively,that is to say the best way for all men. For men are too differently made, andexternal circumstances are too various, to allow of any one way of life beingequally good and profitable for all. According to the wise designs of God'sProvidence the great majority of men are so made that the subjectively best wayto perfection for them is to live and work in the world. Yet it remains truethat, regarded in its objective nature and in abstraction from all particularcircumstances, the religious life is the strongest and purest expression of thehigh aspirations which pulsate through the Body of Christ.

Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis

What the pope is for the whole Church, that in an analogous sense the bishopis for the particular community, for the diocese. He is the representative andobjective form of its inner unity, he is the mutual love of its members madevisible, the organic interrelation of the faithful made perceptible (Mohler).That explains why the Catholic knows no more venerable names on earth than thoseof pope and bishop, and why in the centuries when the western world wasimpregnated with the Catholic consciousness, no honor was too great, no ornamenttoo precious to be bestowed upon pope and bishop. This did not, and does not,hold good of the person of pope or bishop—no one makes so sharp a distinctionbetween the person and his office as does the Catholic— but it did and doeshold good exclusively of their sublime function, that namely of realizing,representing and assuring the unity of the Body of Christ in the world. When aman is present at a pontifical High Mass, and sees with amazement the vastcircumstance of pomp and splendor, the rich ceremonial with which the person andthe actions of the pontifex are surrounded, if he sees in all this nothing but aconsequence and survival of the court ceremonial of Rome and Constantinople, hehas grasped only half the truth. The motive force, the dominant idea of thismagnificence, is the joy of the Catholic in his Church, in her overpoweringunity, in that affirmation of the communion of the brethren, of the one Body ofChrist, which is so to say personified in the bishop. One God, one faith, onelove, one single man: that is the stirring thought which inspires all theChurch's pageantry and gives it artistic form. It is a seeking and finding oflove, of love for Christ and for the brethren who in Him are bound together intoone.