Headlam., 3d ed., The International Critical Commentary,eds.

Commentary can also be explanatory notes; commentaryexplains where the reader (i.e.

Headlam. . 3d ed. The International Critical Commentary, eds.

Oedipus, page 5- "The city is filled with the smoke of burning incense, with hymns to the healing god, with laments for the dead." Commentary- Oedipus wants to know why the citizens of Thebes are praying to the gods for health and healing.

There are two types of commentary (and ) as well as many ways toapproach writing commentary.

3 Is the commentary organized into main points?

Beside the wonderful examples andexplanations presented in and articles, I have included links to some of my owncommentary and the papers on which those comments were based.

4 What support and examples does the commentary provide for each point?

Recent commentators, however, have correctly placed chapter 5 with the succeeding two chapters. Within this framework, Romans 5:1-11 has an introductory role in the series of amplifications of Paul's basic argument which we find in 5:1–8:39.

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While the novel does act as a social commentary on the disparaging treatment of the poor in England, Dickens fails to do more than comment on the situation....

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When writing commentary, you must always keep your audience and purpose in mind. Consider the following questions as you look at your evidence:

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Althoughwhen I use the word commentary, I mean written comments aboutthe paper by a teacher, tutor, or Writing Fellow to help createa better writer (and hopefully better writing as well); both ofthe definitions presented in the dictionary help to explain commentary.

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One of the most harmful consequences is the rise of cyber-bullying, which can be found from a hateful Facebook post by a classmate to anonymous trolling in the comments sections of websites.