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What does she do with these social conventions, and how does she respond to them?

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If you know the topic you wish to write about (or if that topic has beenassigned to you), you will likely find it helpful to phrase that topic as aquestion. For example, let’s say you are going to write about this topic: "Discussthe abolitionist movement as reflected in mid-nineteenth-century Americanliterature." The topic can be phrased as a question which can in turn bebrought to bear on a particular writer or work: "In what ways doesWhitman’s Leaves of Grass acknowledge or comment on the abolitionist movementof mid-nineteenth-century America?" The single-sentence answer to thatquestion becomes a potential thesis for an essay: e.g. "The formalinclusiveness of Whitman’s ground-breaking poem suggests a social and politicalinclusiveness that is antithetical to the practice of slavery."

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"every," "all,")
Can the thesis be developed in the full length of the paper?
Controlling Idea
= Thesis
Claim: the assertion or main idea you are making

Controlling idea: What do you want to teach us?
Structuring the Essay
After creating a thesis statement you must generate claims in support of your thesis
Claim #1
Claim #2
Claim #3
Example: Competition has enabled humans and societies to evolve and flourish.

However, with the developing interest in science and the mechanization of the universe near the end of the Renaissance, the need for a God was essentially removed, and humankind was left to reconsider the origin of meaning.

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When you're writing about a piece of literature, it's easy to fall into the habit of telling the plot of the story and then adding a sentence of analysis, but such an approach leaves the reader wondering what the point of the paragraph is supposed to be; it also doesn't leave you sufficient room to analyze the story fully.

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(For example, you can't write about why The Hunger Games is the greatest book in the history of literature in 3-4 pages.)
• Is my thesis relevant to the assignment?

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Paul called Peter's hand on this practice in front of all the Jews, including those from Jerusalem, because he knew Peter's true feelings on this issue. Paul's words to Peter are hard for us to understand today, as Peter himself later commented about many of Paul's writings (2 Pet. 3:16). However, a careful analysis of them will reveal the true point that Paul was making to Peter.

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12)), aswell as missing the context of Paul's discussion of the functions and limitationsof the law in the preceding verses. Indeed, I am convinced that oneof the primary reasons why the traditional view became traditional is becauseRomans 7:14-25 has been so often read out of its context. The ironyis that while chapters 6 and 8 do describe Christian experience, whereas7:14-25 does not, it is 7:14-25 that has been handed down as the normativeChristian experience, and chapters 6 and 8 have been relegated to the levelof "positional" truth (i.e., something true in God's cosmic account bookbut definitely not true down here on earth). The tragedy is thatthe wonderfully liberating news of chapters 6 and 8 has been overshadowedby the bleak picture of helplessness that has come out of the misunderstandingof 7:14-25, and the church is definitely poorer for it.

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After the two inset verses, Paul continues discussing his trip to Jerusalem. He shows that Peter was the leader of the apostles who had been with Yeshua. This passage is designed to show the Galatians that Paul was preaching the same good news to the Gentiles that the original apostles led by Peter were preaching to the Jews.