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What does a colon and closed parenthesis mean

If the material is important enough, use some other means of including it within your text—even if it means writing another sentence. Note that parentheses tend to de-emphasize text whereas tend to make material seem even more important.

That symbol is an "emoticon" indicating colon and parenthesis a sad wink

- Meaning of colon with end parenthesis

Does an acronym (or a shortened descriptive word; see example 2) NEED to be placed in quotation marks within parentheses to indicate future usage of the acronym within a document? Or would using just parentheses be sufficient?
Example 1: . . . under the applicable section of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) for employees of . . .
Example 2: . . . description of the XYZ Company 401(k) Plan (the “Plan”) is provided for . . .
It is parenthetical, after all. Is additional punctuation necessary?
Thank you.

What do colons and parentheses mean at the end of text messages?

One exception to the rule for commas and periods is the for parenthetical documentation. If you’re quoting a source and citing that source in parentheses at the end of the sentence, the period should follow the parentheses. Example: In Free Culture Lawrence Lessig claims, “the Internet should at least force us to rethink the conditions under which the law of copyright automatically applies” (140).

What does a semicolon with an end parenthesis means when texting