The Covariance Function or Variogram

Regularizing Over a Constant Thickness

To summarize the concept in Part I

and Marechal, A., "RecoverableReserves Estimated by Disjunctive Kriging: A Case Study," 16thSymposium on Applications of Computers and Operations Research in the MineralsIndustry, 1979, pp.

Change in Support (Block Kriging)

At the end of the analysis, the various profitability indicatorssuch as net present value, internal rate of return, payback period, etcwill be defined for each confidence limit.

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Resource Estimation Results and Discussion

Because, byitself, diamond drilling is inadequate for properly evaluating those areas,it should be supplemented by driving exploration drifts and raises.

Using Confidence Limits in Risk Analysis

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Kriging Resources (no Cut-off Grade Considered)

Specifically, south of Profile 30 on the local gridor 1,250 metres on the new grid, both along strike and down dip, the accumulationis consistently higher than twenty gram

Comparison Between Kriging Resourcesand ACA Howe’s Resources

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Comparing Geostatistical and Non-geostatisticalMethods

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Conclusions and Recommendations

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Recommendations for Future Work

Other estimating methods,such as inverse distance weighting and graphical methods such as the polygonalmethod or triangular method, yield only the estimated grade with no indicationof the distribution variance.