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The CES was the official launch of the Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducer, more informally known as the Buttkicker Shaker. The function of the device is to allow people to feel the virtual reali…


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There are a number of bass shaker brands on the market, including models made by Reckhorn, Earthquake, Clark Synthesis, Buttkicker, ADX and AuraSound. Buttkicker, Earthquake, and Clark Synthesis all make products that lean toward the more expensive side of the equation; you’ll typically find models from these manufacturers selling in the $150-$600 dollar range. ADX falls in a price range just below the $150 mark, while both Reckhorn and AuraSound offer models that can be found for $65 or less. Here in the United States, Clark Synthesis, Buttkicker, and AuraSound are the most prevalent brands on the market, while our European friends have better access to the likes of Earthquake and Reckhorn.

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Like anything in this world, the more you spend, the more you’ll get. The most expensive shaker models deliver more thump, have wider usable frequency spectrums, and can handle more power. The Clark Synthesis Platinum model is one of the most powerful shakers on the market, offering a functional frequency response range of 5 Hz to 17 kHz and output power that trumps other available models. On the other end of the spectrum is a shaker manufactured by AuraSound. The Pro Bass Shaker offers less in terms of dynamic performance, but delivers more than enough shake to make it easy to recommend.

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