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A wide range of NHC ligands are commonly available which exhibit high activities.

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Similarly, a group of retired airplane strippers with a long history of exposure to methylene chloride (22 years) at high but unspecified levels performed a battery of neurophysiological and psychological tests within the "normal" range, when compared with a control group who had a history of either no or only low exposure to methylene chloride.

(1980) used a batch system in which methylene chloride was added in ethanol to sludge from a laboratory digester in a Warburg apparatus.


4.2.3 Soil As is the case in aqueous systems, hydrolysis is probably not an important process in the removal of methylene chloride from soil (see section 4.2.2).

Grâce à divers systèmes d'épreuve on a pu établir les modalités de la décomposition aérobic et anaérobie du chlorure de méthylène.

Mutagenicity studies on methylene chloride in bacteria and in the B6C3F1 mouse, which shows a very high level of activity of the isoenzyme, reveal positive effects, whereas mutagenicity has not been demonstrated in standard in vivo mutagenicity assays using other systems.

The mutagenicity of methylene chloride has also been studied in a variety of other microbial systems using a vapour phase protocol.

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typhimurium 201 000 mg per m3 from the livers of phenobarbital (1978) (5 concentrations) pretreated rats; a dose-related for 48 h increase of up to 5-8 fold (mean value for 3 experiments) was seen, slightly higher in the presence of S9; toxicity was noted at the highest dose level Table 18 (Cont'd) Assay Strain/type S9 Dose Resulta Observations Reference activation Salmonella TA100 Not stated Vapour phase protocol; time-course Jongen (1984) typhimurium study to evaluate the most appropriate exposure time for maximum differentiation of the methylene chloride induced reversion rates in the presence and absence of a metabolic activation system; the maximum differentation was obtained following 4-6 h exposure, and, consequently, an exposure time of 6 h was used by these workers in the study of Jongen et al.

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Acute effects after methylene chloride administration by various routes of exposure are primarily associated with the central nervous system (CNS) and the liver.

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In experiments using no exogenous activation systems, exposure of hamster V79 cells or human fibroblasts (AH cells) to methylene chloride concentrations of between 0.5 and 5% did not induce UDS (Jongen et al., 1981).

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7.4.2 Sediment microorganisms In sediment from a freshwater stream, methylene chloride did not significantly affect the electron transport system (ETS) activity during a 1-h enzymatic assay at 66 500 mg/kg.

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The acute toxicity of methylene chloride to adult fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) has been studied both in a static and a flow- though system.