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Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica with Spiral Morphology by Using Chiral Anionic Surfactant[J].

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In one application the asymmetry in an atropisomer is transferred in a chemical reaction to a new 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The atropisomer is an iodoaryl compound synthesised starting from (S)- and exists as the (M, S) isomer and the (P, S) isomer. The interconversion barrier between the two is 24.3 / (101.7 /mol). The (M, S) isomer can be obtained exclusively from this mixture by from .

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In this lecture examples will be shown were Electrochemistry was used to generate oxidative degradation products of pharmaceutical compounds. The compounds were oxidized at different potentials and pH using an electrochemical flow-cell. The oxidative products formed were identified and structurally characterized by LC/MS/MS. Results from electrochemical oxidation were compared to those from chemical oxidation and from accelerated stability studies. The electrochemical approach (in electro) proved to be very useful as an oxidative stress test as all of the oxidation products observed under accelerated stability studies could be generated. In comparison to chemical degradation tests electrochemical degradation has the advantage of being much faster and does not require strong oxidizing agents. Moreover, it enables the study of different operating parameters in short periods of time and optimisation of the reaction conditions to achieve different oxidative products mixtures. This technique proved to be very useful as a stress test condition for the generation of oxidative degradation products.

In recent years drug stereochemistry has become a significant issue for both the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory authorities. The significance of stereoisomerism in antimicrobial agents is addressed in this review using examples drawn from the β-lactams, as being representative of semisynthetic agents, and the quinolones, as examples of synthetic agents. Within these two groups of compounds it is clear that stereochemical considerations are of significance for an understanding of concentration effect relationships, selectivity in both action and inactivation and for an appreciation of the mode of action at a molecular level.

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ABSTRACT: When designing small molecules to interact with the targets, one should consider stereo selectivity. As considerations for exploring structure space evolve, chirality is increasingly important. Binding affinity for a chiral drug can differ for diastereomers and between enantiomers. For the virtual screening and computational design stage of drug development, this problem can be compounded by incomplete stereochemical information in structure libraries leading to a "coin toss" as to whether or not the "ideal" chiral structure is present. Creating every stereoisomer for each chiral compound in a structure library leads to an exponential increase in the number of structures resulting in potentially unmanageable file sizes and screening times. Therefore, only key chiral structures, enantiomeric pairs based on relative stereochemistry need be included, and lead to a compromise between exploration of chemical space and maintaining manageable libraries. In clinical environments, enantiomers of chiral drugs can have reduced, no, or even deleterious effects. This underscores the need to avoid mixtures of compounds and focus on chiral synthesis. Governmental regulations emphasizing the need to monitor chirality in drug development have increased. The United States Food and Drug Administration issued guidelines and policies in 1992 concerning the development of chiral compounds. These guidelines require that absolute stereochemistry be known for compounds with chiral centers and that this information should be established early in drug development in order that the analysis can be considered valid. From exploration of structure space to governmental regulations it is clear that the question of chirality in drug design is of vital importance.

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Diastereoisomers differ in energy, and therefore in physicochemical properties, and may be relatively readily separable by standard chemical techniques. In terms of compounds of interest in medicinal chemistry the most frequent cause of chirality results from the presence of a tetra coordinate carbon centre in a molecule to which four different groups are attached. The presence of one such centre in a molecule gives rise to a pair of enantiomers, the presence of n such centres gives rise to 2" stereoisomers and half that number of pairs of enantiomers. Those isomers which are not enantiomeric are diastereomeric. Diastereoisomers which differ in configuration about one chiral centre only are termed epimers.

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- inhibitorsof cell cycle-cyclosporin-aspirin/ibuprofenSynthesis and Retrosynthesisof Peptidomimetic InhibitorsThis page gives details of the Friedel-Crafts reactions of benzene and methylbenzene(toluene).