Text for free to the Philippines using Chikka

I got this tip from former office-mate, Katherine (o-ha!), our official Chikka Babe!

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Ever encountered the “anti-spam” feature of Chikka that says your recipient needs to reply to your Chikka account for you to continue sending free text to your recipient? Here’s a work-around…

Im new in this chikka, just asking will the reciever be charged from my message???

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Thanks sa mga tips like add like removing and adding your buddy into the buddy list hehehe. Kung about naman sa limit na 20 text eh mag gawa ka ng madaming account. Right now I had 5 chikka accounts. Pag naubos yung 20 free text nung isa, gamitin ko naman another account ko.

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Im using 2 chikka account with the same numbers of my buddy, so it incase i did use all my credit. I use the 2nd account till the 1st account reset the load again. so i dont have to worry of NO MORE LOAD. lol

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ka edong mas sure na mawala yung spam kung yung icon ng chikka ay iclose mo o clik to close..pero you notice na yung icon message still there , then click again the icon from the desktop…mawawala yung spam..try

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chikka on linux…
there is a plugin for gaim to add chikka’s protocol. it is called chix. But i think, it hasnt been updated for a while so it will only work on older versions of gaim.

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Hi! good day! ask ko po sana pano mg cancel ng chikka account? palagi kasi nababawasan load ko. like kahapon, nagpaload ako 25. & then pg check ko, 10 nlna natira. it always happen. HELP anyone. thanks!

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Hmmm, I used but I don;t think they have a similar system. I can send all my credit to anyone I like there, but chikka looks fun, think I might check it out. Thanks for the heads up.