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Metkinen Chemistry's biotransformation technology addresses the problems of traditional synthetic methods and offers alternative variants of biotransformation.

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Organic Chemistry Synthesis Problem Abstract This thesis formulates organic chemistry synthesis problems as challenging, even for experts in chemistry.

Research efforts in David H. Thompson’s Group are focused on the design, synthesis and performance testing of purpose-designed materials that address challenging problems in targeted drug delivery for lysosomal storage disorder therapeutics and protein structure determination by cryoEM. These projects often employ a wide variety of physical, biochemical and biology characterization methods and, in some cases, involve the development of continuous processing methods for the synthesis of small molecules and self-assembling materials.

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Our research utilizes the basic principles in chemistry and material science to explore the potentials of π-conjugated materials and polymer composites for flexible and printed electronics, aiming to provide solutions for a sustainable future with clean energy, safe environment and healthy life. The ongoing research is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative, covering various aspects of organic and polymer synthesis, physical characterization and device fabrication with a central theme of establishing relationships between molecular design, synthetic methodology, materials processing and device performance. To transform laboratory ideas into viable technologies that can positively impact our society is also aligned with our interest.

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My research group is involved in multidisciplinary research projects in the areas of synthetic organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. Of particular interest, we are investigating:

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Research within the group encompasses an interdisciplinary mix of organic synthesis, fluorous chemistry, chemical biology, nanoscience, supramolecular chemistry, polymer synthesis, photophysics and pharmacology.

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The goal of our research program is to innovate in both the strategy and methodology of chemical synthesis, and apply them to solve problems of biological and medical importance and ultimately impact human health. Our current research program focuses on the following areas: (i) development of new synthetic methodology to rapidly build structural complexity, (ii) total synthesis and biological evaluations of natural products, (iii) optimization of lead compounds for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases and CNS disorders, and (iv) design and synthesize Raman probe molecules for live cell and In vivo real time imaging.

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