RNA oligonucleotide synthesis via 5′‐silyl‐2′‐orthoester chemistry.

Chemical synthesis of a biologically active natural tRNA with its minor bases.

Synthesis of chemically modified DNA

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A base‐labile group for 2′‐OH protection of ribonucleosides: A major challenge for RNA synthesis.

Chemical synthesis of RNA (including RNA with unusual constituents).

Glen Research is delighted to introduce a GalNAc modification strategy using a monomeric GalNAc support and the equivalent GalNAc phosphoramidite. Our experimental work has shown that these products are fully compatible with regular oligonucleotide synthesis and deprotection. Oligonucleotides containing GalNAc can be deprotected using standard procedures during which the acetyl protecting groups on the GalNAc group are removed. Glen Research offers these GalNAc C3 products under an agreement with AM Chemicals LLC.

Recent advances in the high‐speed solid phase synthesis of RNA.

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On the application of t‐butyldimethylsilyl group in chemical RNA synthesis.

Oligo‐ and poly‐nucleotides: 50 years of chemical synthesis.

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Removal of t‐butyldimethylsilyl protection in RNA‐synthesis.

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The chemical stability of abasic RNA compared to abasic DNA

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Synthesis of chemically modified DNA

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Chemical synthesis of branched RNA. - National Center …

Chemical synthesis of a very long oligoribonucleotide with 2‐cyanomethoxymethyl (CEM) as the 2′‐O‐protecting group: structural identification and biological activity of a synthetic 110mer precursor‐microRNA candidate.

Recent Advances in the Chemical Synthesis of RNA - …

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