Next, minimization of native two-chain mouse INSL5 was examined.

- Research, development, production and safety of Biosynthetic Human Insulin.

Synthesis of native proteins by chemical ligation.

An example of orthogonality in convergent synthesis is the combination of t-Boc/Bzl and Fmoc/tBu using supports whose linkage to the peptide can be either labile to acid, base, palladium or photolabile.

Solid phase contain crystals of insulin protamine and zinc; 40, 80, 100 units/ml.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, May 2006, vol.

A biochemist recognized as the first scientist to engineer synthetic insulin, died in his sleep on 5 May 2001 in a hospital in Shanghai, China. He was 93 years old.

Proteolytic degradation of insulin occurs both at cell surfaces and in the lysosomes.

Peptide synthesis by proteases can proceed by two mechanisms: thermodynamic and kinetic control (), which will be described in this and the following section respectively.

Accelerated chemical synthesis of peptides and small proteins.

This is particularly so in the case of the chemical synthesis of peptides, which involve coupling, protection and deprotection reagents that are environmentally aggressive and even toxic (

Chemical synthesis of proteins.

The fragments that contain the whole peptide or protein sequence are condensed in solution to yield a product with protected side chains which is then deprotected and purified to complete the synthesis of the desired product.

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Commonly, peptides of less than 30 residues are produced entirely by solid phase sequential synthesis (), while larger peptides (up to 60 residues) must be produced by convergent synthesis in which protected peptide fragments are synthesized by SPPS and then combined by liquid phase synthesis (

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Besides, the use of non-conventional reaction media and the conditions of temperature and pH required for synthesis can be detrimental both for protease activity and stability (

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However, the replacement of piperidine by stronger bases has circumvented the problem of incomplete deprotection in Fmoc/tBu solid phase synthesis of β-peptides () and longer β-peptides and mixed type α-β-peptides have been successfully synthesized by chemical ligation (

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Small β-peptides can be synthesized using conventional Fmoc/tBu SPPS strategy (), but the protocols have to be modified for longer peptides because of the high folding propensity of β-peptides, which increases coupling times and prevents complete deprotection.

Chemical synthesis of peptides within the insulin superfamily …

In the chemical synthesis of glycopeptides, glycosylation can be obtained either by using glycosylated amino acids or by conjugation of the final carbohydrate unit to the full-length peptide ().