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Christianity and selected faith are present but few worldview questions are addressed.
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I read this blog – it’s very interesting! I just wanted to say that I have done the MBSR course and found it EXTREMELY helpful!!
I have suffered depression since losing a child 30 years ago. I went into the course after hearing all the new information about brain plasticity, and the physical proof they now have that meditation helps to heal a brain that has been traumatised through prolonged stress.
Yes, some of my painful feelings that I was spending a great deal of energy on suppressing did raise up their heads, but it was good to be able to allow that to happen even if painful. I feel alive again!
I have been meditating for almost a year now and I think I am living proof that it does heal your brain. I am no longer on antidepressants, I can think clearly, I am not depressed day in and day out.
I feel like I’ve gotten my life back! I would encourage anyone who’s interested to try it!
Just saying…..

Christianity and selected faith are present and many worldview questions are addressed.
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The biblical foundation for meditation is discovered in the great reality of God speaking, teaching, and acting that lies at the center of the scriptural witness. God brought the universe crashing into existence by the word of his command. God said, ...

Christianity and selected faith are present and all of the worldview questions are addressed.
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(In reality, old grief tends to naturally spring forth the further you delve into your meditation and mindfulness practices. This is so because as you begin to understand yourself and your emotions, you realize that in reality many of your lifes woes are attributed to older griefs, though the majority of times subconsciously. This realization in fact serves to be very constructive as you begin to understand you complex self.)

For example, a Christian practitioner may meditate on God's grace, God's infinite love.
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Hi, well Im petty new to meditation (been meditating for about a month) and dont quite understand all the concepts of it yet but so far have gotten good results like less stress and I feel more appreciative of things. I was not aware at all there was or might be a negative side to meditation as I always understood it to be nothing but a positive thing until I ran across this website. Got to say its got me a little confused and discouraged and I dont know if I should continue my practice. I was just kind of under the impression that meditation did nothing but make mental problems better and certainly not worse. I mean, I have thought and wondered about how the observing of thoughts in meditation seems similar to disassociative disorders but from what I understood in a book I read you are supposed to observe but also be and feel what comes up to the fullest extent. In that way you face and deal with problems and eventually move on I guess. Anyways I have been diagnosed with depersonalization and dont want to do anything to make it worse. Should I practice a form of mediation thats the opposite of mindfulness then maybe? What would that be? One last question: is the mediation practice of following your breath considered mindfulness meditation?

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The word mindful means to be aware, conscious, sensible, alive, alert, acquainted, heedful, wary, cognizant, regardful. I think that these are good qualities and luckily my dentist is very mindful when he is working on my teeth.
Scientific Research studies have shown that meditation is extremely beneficial for most people, although for some people it may do harm.
I think that mindfulness meditation may be more controversial and confusing.
For one thing, I do not think that it is clearly defined. Everybody seems to have their own definition about mindfulness meditation. There are thousands of other
meditations style to choose from. So if one has reservations about mindfulness meditation there are plenty of other meditation options. Or maybe one can try Tai Chi which is very relaxing and therapeutic also. Or there are millions of other things that one can try which can be very beneficial.

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I guess what it boils down to for me in your critique is how you argue that mindfulness meditation is an escape, a practice where you turn away from your real emotions. It has done the opposite for me, and I am grateful for the clarity.