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We are fascinated by the diversity of effects that ligands can have to instigate new properties in transition metal complexes and we are therefore strongly interested in designing and developing new ligands that impart specific properties to the metal center. One of these ligands are triazolylidenes, a mesoionic carbene that we discovered in 2008. This ligand offers various opportunities for catalysis, including strong electron donor properties, a high synthetic flexibility that allows for a wide variety of functional and chelating groups to be incorporated, and a high polarity, which imparts solubility in water and other polar media. We have obtained evidence in a variety of catalytic reactions like nickel-catalysed hydrosilylation, ruthenium-catalyzed alcohol dehydrogenation, or iridium-catalyzed water oxidation, that the triazolylidene ligand scaffold is controlling the reactivity of the coordinated metal center. Because of the synthetic versatility and the easy accessibility of the ligand, tailoring of the ligand properties is straightforward and we have disclosed improved catalytic activity by ligand tuning. More recently, we have discovered a straightforward approach to functionalize the ligand on the complex as opposed to the more traditional approach of preparing a functional ligand and only then install the metal center. This approach gives rapid access to a large diversity of functionalized ligands in a very last step, and to ligand scaffolds that are not accessible by traditional routes.

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Description :The most comprehensive reference in the field, Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation for Organic Synthesis provides synthetic chemists and chemical engineers in fine chemicals and pharmace...

Techniques and Applications in Organic Synthesis.
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